Joe Bostic Shares His Growing With Gartner Story

Are you interested in joining Gartner’s world class Product and Services organization? Below, Joe Bostic, a Client Engagement Specialist working in our Fort Myers office, shares his career story and how he has been able to grow at Gartner. 

Does education trump experience? This is a question I think many of us struggle with as we enter our adult lives. We’ve all heard the line, “If you don’t go to college, then you’ll end up working at the fast food chain down the street!” Perhaps not the most tactful approach, but certainly an effective one! Graduating from high school, many of us made the decision to go to college. It made sense. We wanted good careers, and the more education we had, the smarter we were, right? Well, not for me.

I enrolled in university right after high school. I’d like to say that I did my best, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I was a kid. I wasn’t prepared for college and eventually dropped out. Luckily, my parents always said, “You’re either in school or you get a job!” So it wasn’t a very difficult next step. I entered the workforce as a cashier and stock person at an airport. It wasn’t my ideal job, and I quickly check marked the list of things I wanted in my career. I then entered the IT world, which became the starting point for my resume. I worked hard to gain all the skills I possibly could. I sharpened my customer service skills until I could handle even the most difficult client. I ensured I did more than what was expected, which opened opportunities to learn. With this approach, I quickly became the go-to person for difficult cases or obscure questions, but ultimately, I decided it still wasn’t what I wanted. My next checkmark was for a career where I would be recognized for what I did well and not only for where I fell short.

I moved into the healthcare field and thought I finally found my career. I was appreciated. I was able to work smarter, not harder, and I was recognized enough to be promoted into a leadership position. Working directly with my manager, I was able to influence the team and implement smarter practices that raised our revenue and created a more efficient, cohesive team. Almost three years later, I figured out my next checkmark: I wanted a career where my work life was separate from my home life. Where I didn’t need to cancel my vacation because the team couldn’t function without me for more than a week. Where I still needed to take calls to answer questions and help with escalations and projects while I was out. That’s when I was approached by Gartner Recruiting.

I’d heard of Gartner. In fact, I had wanted to work there for a long time. However, without a degree, I was certain that this would not be possible. To say that I was excited when a recruiter from Gartner reached out to me would be an understatement. I responded right away and the next day I had my first phone call with Gartner. The interview process went quickly and was intense, but I was lucky to have a family friend on the inside who coached me through the process and I was eventually offered a position, which I happily accepted. By the time I started, I had read many employee reviews — I was ready to see how Gartner held up.

From Day 1, it has been an exciting and amazing experience! The interview process is designed to find the best of the best and I quickly found myself surrounded by colleagues whom I could truly engage with and learn from. I was able to take my experience and apply it to begin implementing best practices for myself and for others in my position. I found limitless opportunity for growth within Gartner and I was able to check mark everything I had on my list of career needs, even necessities I hadn’t considered. One thing stood out though: Every single one of my colleagues had a bachelor’s degree or higher! To make a not so long story even shorter, it didn’t matter. Gartner is all about promoting inclusion and collaboration with peers. My teammates have been nothing short of welcoming and very helpful. We quickly and easily came together as a team, and together we work to reach our goals. The experience in each of us stands out and we all have been able to bring different skills to our positions. In just a few months, Gartner has given me the prospect of an exciting career. The amount of talent along with the consistently positive environment is part of the edge that I’ve gained by joining this team, and I’m thankful every day for the experiences I received from past jobs that readied me for my new, invigorating career!

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