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5 Reasons to Join Gartner’s Internship Program in Egham

May 08, 2019

Are you a student looking for a summer internship? Gartner’s office in Egham, U.K. is growing and looking for top talent to join our expanding internship program. Below, Graziano Stasi, a Business & Services intern on our Products and Services Operations team, shares the top five reasons to consider joining the Gartner team.

  1. Challenging projects: My project consisted of drafting the proposal for a performance measurement scorecard for a global service team. Despite being an intern, I was given this responsibility, and it was very rewarding and challenging at the same time. During these weeks not only did I improve my quantitative and analytics skills, Gartner being a data-centric organization, but I also worked on relational ones, building trust and dealing with multiple internal stakeholders.
  1. Senior exposure: As a business and services intern you have direct exposure to senior leaders, such as the SVP of Global Services. This means that you often present your progress on the project, your ideas and your final findings in front of them. Their feedback is invaluable to both the professional and personal development of a student. No pressure, by the way!
  1. Constant training: Gartner invests a lot in training its employees. The first week of the internship is dedicated to the Services Academy, where you get a sense of what the business is and how it works. In addition to that, we had dedicated training aimed to develop specific skills, for instance how to tackle complex problem solving, and advanced Excel and PowerPoint workshops. I also ended up learning basic Python!
  1. Program organization: The program is perfectly organized. We had weekly meetings with HR and our manager to catch up on the development of the program, and we bilaterally exchanged our impressions and feedback. In addition, every intern was given a mentor (a business associate) who helped us in our projects. Lastly, the accommodation was provided by the company and it was a nice way to meet other interns.
  1. Culture and people: Despite being a fast-paced and hard-working environment, everyone at Gartner is extremely friendly, inclusive and supportive. Teams are very culturally diverse, and members are geographically based in different parts of the world. I loved to share visions and ideas with my super-smart peers!

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