Jennifer Choi Shares About Gartner’s Sales Team In South Korea

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Are you interested in joining the Gartner team to unlock endless career opportunities? Jennifer Choi, a Senior Sales Manager, is sharing the story of her career growth and what she loves about life on Gartner’s growing sales team in Seoul, South Korea. 

I’m Jennifer Choi, a Senior Sales Manager in Seoul, South Korea. It’s my 10th year at Gartner, and I have had the opportunity to hold a various roles here. I started as an Account Executive, Global Client Director for Samsung, and today I am in sales management for the financial services industry and the Samsung Group.

I likes sales because I consider it an art to move people’s minds. Selling Gartner products is very special, as the product is intangible insights that help global business and technology leaders be successful. As account executives, we are in the powerful position of being regarded by clients as the trusted face of Gartner.

Knowing the value of the sales role, Gartner provides individual recognition through Winner’s Circle, Club 300 events, and bonuses. The company also provides various learning opportunities and promotions for the people who excel in this role.

I have enjoyed my career, especially working with global teams and business partners. Gartner associates and leaders are highly self-motivated and support each other in growing together — something that is truly unique to Gartner.

Now I’m in a management role and have built a strong sales team by motivating and coaching people to be successful. At first, it was a challenging transition to change perspective from my own career to the success of others. The solution was to have faith in the team and strive for small improvements every day. This year, four of my team members have already achieved Winner’s Circle, and two of us received the GVP Excellence Award.

From a sales management perspective, it’s great to see people open up and share different sales approaches and best practices at team brainstorming meetings. We welcome challenges and really enjoy learning from each other. Everyone is proud of what they’re doing!

If you are looking for a company where you can deliver value for C-suite clients while managing a positive work-life balance, Gartner is the right place for you.

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