Take Your Career to The Next Level on the Gartner Executive Programs Team

Why Gartner?

Looking for a new career opportunity where you’ll have the chance to make an impact? A job that will give you exposure to CIOs and IT leaders across several functions and industries? At Gartner, we equip leaders with insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities and build successful organizations for the future. Does this sound exciting to you? Take an exclusive look inside the Gartner Executive Programs team.

Get to know the Executive Programs team

Gartner’s Executive Programs team is a part of our growing Products & Services organization, operating across 87 countries to serve more than 7,000 business and government agency clients. The team is responsible for ensuring these clients have access to the insights and expertise they need to fuel their overall business strategy and execute on their mission-critical priorities. How do we do this? Our team members are industry experts — fully prepared to research business technology topics, case studies, workshops or datasets to get our clients the answers they need. Our Executive Partners take a hands-on approach to fully equip CIOs with the leadership skills and feedback needed to take their organizations to the next level.

“We are building the future of technology insight delivery, so that it can be practically applied today to solve the challenges of tomorrow,” says Darin Brumby, Managing Vice President, Service Delivery, Gartner Executive Programs.

Why work on the Executive Programs team at Gartner?

When you join the Executive Programs team at Gartner, you take clients outside their comfort zone and have a tremendous impact on their success. You can challenge, guide and change their thought processes through a tailored and strategic approach to problem solving.

Interested in joining our Executive Programs team? Below, Darin outlines several key traits that we look for when evaluating new candidates for our expanding organization.

Emotional intelligence: Understanding the needs of our clients is key. Whether it’s coaching a leader about mentorship or delivering strategic insights about data, you must be able to understand what will bring them one step closer to success by providing them with customized solutions to their business needs.

Strong ability to communicate: You will be directly responsible for communicating with our C-level clients from businesses across the world daily. Since our main objective is to help them drive change and provide feedback, you must be well-spoken and confident to be effective.

No-limits mindset: You’ll be tasked with building out robust business strategies for high-level executives. When it comes to setting goals and delivering suggestions, it’s important to think smarter, not harder, in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Being able to adjust quickly to industry changes and disruptions will be your key to success.

Are you interested in joining the Executive Programs team at Gartner? Search for an available position here.

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