A Day in the Life of a Gartner Software Engineer

Gartner’s office in Gurgaon is growing and looking to expand our IT organization. Are you interested in joining the team? Below, Rajat Jain, a Senior Software Engineer, is sharing what his life at Gartner is like on the Peer Insights team.

Wondering what Peer Insights is? It is a platform that houses reviews and ratings of enterprise software. This product is helping to transform the way this software is bought and sold by providing clients with another source of trusted information during the purchasing process. When I first joined Gartner, I was one of the first members on the Peer Insights team in India. Since then the team has experienced tremendous growth and is continuing to expand. Each day in the life of an IT team member is full of unique opportunities and challenges – let me give you a glimpse into what my life at Gartner is like.

Scrum sets the tone for the day

My typical day starts with collaborating with the Scrum team in our daily standup meeting, where we set our daily priorities. We look at our team’s JIRA dashboard and talk about the user stories that we will be working on during our sprint. Discussion happens around the current progress, impediments and next set of actions. We are always keeping overall efficiency and effectiveness at top of mind – what can we plan for in the future or change about our previous processes to get better and faster with time?

Collaboration is the key

Collaboration happens all through the day, not only within our internal Peer Insights team, but also with a variety of stakeholders across the globe. We are always discussing key initiatives on current and upcoming projects to ensure that everyone is aligned to find the best architecture, design patterns and solutions for our products. We are always willing to work through a complex issue together while keeping our five key engineering values in mind: Learning, simplicity, security, scalability and innovation.

Learning every day

At Gartner, both personal and professional development are key. Our associates are always learning something new – learning to complete a new task, learning how to work with different types of people or learning how to use a new technology – we are always developing new skills by challenging ourselves. When you work on bettering yourself, you are also adding value to your team, your functional area and the larger organization. Gartner places a huge emphasis on the importance of professional development, giving associates access to online courses, which can help you to keep up with ever-changing industry needs.

Leveraging technology to develop world-class product

Each day at Gartner brings new opportunities to implement technology-driven innovations. Gartner is certainly on the growth path, which is apparent from the way the company is embracing the latest technologies. Our products are moving to a cloud platform and are constantly evolving to improve interface functionality, user experience and overall performance.

Looking at the bigger picture

As we work closely with the business stakeholders on a daily basis, we have a laser-sharp focus on how our technical solutions will impact our clients. Our clients are business owners, who make sure that we understand the impact our work is having on the overall success of their organizations. Because of our recent success, we are consulted regularly about the future of Gartner – our goals, objectives and growth plans.


I am very fortunate to be working with an exceptional engineering team. Everyone is collaborative and always willing to help. We always celebrate our successes together with the product organization at a team party or an outdoor event. As Gartner is scaling and growing, working here brings immense opportunities for being challenged and allows you to work on multiple initiatives. Overall, the culture and people are the best assets of Gartner, which sets it apart from other companies.

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