Gartner’s Client Services Team: 4 Must-Have Skills


When you join Gartner’s Client Services team in one of our global offices, you unlock endless possibilities for your career. Whether you are looking to establish relationships and build rapport with clients or solve business challenges at an industry level, our Services team will give you the opportunity to work with and learn from the best. Below, Phoebe Tran, a Client Engagement Specialist, shares about her experiences on the growing team. 

The Gartner Client Services organization has grown tremendously since I first started in April 2018, and I’m sure that’s only the beginning. If you consider yourself a people person and love helping clients tackle complex challenges, Client Services might be the place for you. Here are some of the must-have skills that every associate needs to succeed on the team.

1. Personability

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s so important to help establish a rapport with your client. I may be the only person from Gartner whom many of my clients ever speak with. I strive to make every client experience a great one. You can really turn people’s day around with something as small as asking them about their day at the beginning of the call.

2. Adaptability

No day in Client Services is the same, and no client call is the same. You need to be able to stay on your toes and be prepared to tackle a variety of different challenges. I support five different Gartner Leadership Councils, with subject matter ranging from data privacy to research and development. I need to be able to switch quickly between discussing issues like GDPR compliance to calibrating innovation metrics at the drop of a hat.

I really enjoy learning new subject matter, and I enjoy having intellectually stimulating conversations with my clients on their key priorities.

3. Time management

Time management is essential in any role, and especially so as a Client Services associate. The majority of the calls you’ll have with clients won’t be handed to you — you’ll have to work to get them scheduled yourself. You own your entire calendar, and you are responsible for building out your day.

I use the first two hours of my day to book out the following week with client calls. I actually shift my working hours to come in earlier than everyone else because it’s easier to focus on completing this essential task when no one is around.

Input and output definitely correlate in this role — you simply won’t have as many client calls if you don’t put in the work to keep your calendar full.

4. Teamwork

As Client Engagement Specialist, I collaborate with client partners and account managers for a variety of client requests. While we all have different objectives and metrics in our roles, we all share the same goal — happy Gartner clients. I personally try to respond to internal emails or requests within an hour so my internal partners know that they can come to me.

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