Kunal Choudhury’s Career Tips For Recent Graduates


Settling on a career is not an easy decision – especially when you are getting ready to graduate. As this milestone moment gets closer, there are so many thoughts spinning around in your mind: You will be moving away from the familiar faces of your friends and classmates. You will be getting your first corporate job. You will be entering the workforce with fresh ideas and a desire to learn. Below, Kunal Choudhury, a Campus Recruiter in Gurgaon, is sharing his tips for surviving and thriving post-grad.

  1. Take time to think about your ideal career: There are so many opportunities for recent graduates, especially within the Indian market. Take the time to explore the career opportunities that exist within different industries and learn about emerging career paths. Examine your likes and dislikes, think about your previous work experiences and understand what skills will set you apart from other candidates. Be sure to weigh all of your options before choosing one.
  2. Don’t let anyone control your dream and ambitions: When it comes to choosing a career, don’t let the opinions of others cloud your judgement and dictate your decision — the choice really is yours. Be sure to follow your passion and pursue a career opportunity that excites you. You should be motivated to get up and go to work each morning.
  3. It’s never to early or too late to start planning: Whether you are in your first year of university or are getting ready to receive your diploma, it’s always a good idea to plan in advance – especially when it comes to looking for a job. Start making plans to fill any gaps in your academics — striving for better grades, taking some courses on emerging tools and technologies, or gaining some year-on-year internship experience that will build a strong resume. Don’t be afraid to research your career options and take a look at what the market has to offer — you shouldn’t be afraid to apply.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice: The best way to find out about different career opportunities is to ask people  — family, friends, neighbors and teachers. Talk to them about their own professional experiences to get an understanding of what’s out there. You can also network with other professionals on LinkedIn. Search for individuals who work at companies or in industries that you are interested in  — most people are always willing to share their story.
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others: Remember that everyone has their own process when it comes to looking for a job. Don’t spend time worrying about what other friends are doing or feeling the need to compete. Everyone grows at their own pace, so there is no need to rush. All good things take time.

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