5 Skills Needed To Succeed As A Campus Recruiter


Campus recruiting is a passion!

My name is Lisa Carlson and I am a campus recruiter here at Gartner. I’m passionate about my work because of the multitude of workstreams the role consists of. Every day is different, from career-advising students, to being a brand ambassador for Gartner, to working with internal teams to reach our shared goals!

This can mean a busy schedule for a campus recruiter, especially because of the cyclical nature of our work. While schools are in session, our schedule is packed full with college visits. Back at the office, a lot of behind-the-scenes action happens to support our trips, primarily in the form of strategy and planning. In this role, you have to be ready for the unexpected. Below are five skills I believe are necessary to be fully prepared for the role:

Remote communication is key!
We are first and foremost a team, albeit an untraditional one. We are all over the U.S. conducting events at different times of the day, and conventional communication practices often don’t suffice. We need to go that extra mile to be available to the rest of the team for sharing insights and learning from each other’s successes and areas of improvement.
Being adaptable is also huge.

We do our best to pre-plan our events; however, in the craziness of running from event to event, sometimes things don’t go as planned. From technology failures to travel delays, you have to be able to quickly improvise to make the most of your campus time and facilitate a fun, successful event.

What on earth does “wiping your feet at the door” mean?

Let go of all your problems and just enjoy the moment and the connections you are building with students.


With the constant buzz of everything around you — events, colleagues and candidates — you must have the endurance to keep up with it all. Last but not least, all of these skills wouldn’t be possible without preparation. Each trip requires strategic preparation to meet the objective you’ve established prior to setting out for campus. What are your end goals? Thinking about that question is critical to setting up a successful visit.

Being a campus recruiter is an exciting yet challenging role. All five of these skills and your own individual personal touch will make you a successful campus recruiter at Gartner.

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