5 Skills Needed For Success On Gartner’s Consulting Team


Gartner Consulting provides fact-based consulting services to our clients, and comprises a group of forward-thinking advisors and consultants who help our clients solve business problems through a technology lens. We are often at the vanguard of an industry and/or enterprise transformation journey, spearheading client strategy and planning.

Are you are passionate about technology, and comfortable in a fast-paced learning environment? Are you excited by the challenges and opportunities of learning about new technology developments in a rapidly changing and disruptive world? If so, Gartner Consulting is a great place to consider a career.

Below Priya Mehra, Managing Partner on Gartner’s Northeastern Consulting team, shares the five key traits we look for when evaluating new candidates for our team:

Boundless Curiosity

First and foremost, we are looking for people who are constantly curious and comfortable in the swiftly changing technology world and how it impacts client business and operations. You should be committed to self-learning and fearless about diving deep and comprehending new technology at a rapid pace. Our consultants welcome the new or unknown, and enjoy working on dynamic projects that change after several weeks. They value new challenges and working on new client problems.

Executive Presence

We operate in lean and fast-paced teams and are not hesitant about having new consultants present to client executives. You will not be in the background but in the foreground of delivery, and we are looking for folks who are fearless and confident in presenting their opinions. Ideal candidates should have strong communication skills and an ability to forge connections with clients and teammates on the journey to becoming a client’s trusted collaborator.

Team Player and Mindset

Successful delivery of a client engagement is a team sport. We are looking for candidates who work well not only with internal teams but also demonstrate empathy and build team spirit with the client. We are also focused on building communities in key Gartner hubs and are looking for folks who are interested in building local communities.

Intellectual Agility

Consulting, by nature, is about working on different projects with different clients. This requires the ability to ascend a steep learning curve to accelerate client delivery. We are looking for candidates who can bring thought leadership and best practices to our clients to position ourselves as strategic collaborators, drive critical thinking and approach client business problems in a structured manner.

A Winning Attitude

Finally, the capacity and willingness to persevere through challenging engagements, as well as showcase an excellent work ethic and the diligence to consistently do the difficult things, is a significant measure of your potential success at Gartner Consulting.

Are you interested in joining the consulting team at Gartner? Search for an available opportunity here.

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