Our Commitment To Embracing Gender Diversity


Gartner is committed to diversity, inclusion and engagement across all aspects of our business. Our consistent track record of double-digit growth is fueled by our people. We foster an environment of exceptional professional development to ensure each of us can reach our full potential. This includes embracing gender diversity and actively removing all barriers to support inclusion, engagement and growth at Gartner.

Our approach to pay

At Gartner, men and women in equivalent roles delivering similar performance are paid equally. This is at the core of our pay-for-performance strategy. However, we do have a gender pay gap driven by a disproportionate number of men in senior roles. Senior roles tend to have higher salaries.

UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Starting in 2017, U.K. organizations with more than 250 employees are required to report on their gender pay gap. Gartner is one of approximately 11,000 U.K. employers reporting data this year. In 2017, Gartner acquired CEB and we therefore reported CEB-specific data in the 2017 report and have also included it in this report for 2018.

Just like most mergers and acquisitions, the process of integrating CEB into Gartner lasted almost 18 months, during which we experienced talent moving between Gartner and CEB, harmonization of roles and pay, definition of titles and other talent-related processes. Going forward, Gartner will report as one consolidated entity, effective 2019.

To learn more about this report and our intended actions to address the gender pay gap, read the Gartner U.K. Gender Pay Gap Report 2018.

Consistent with our values and commitment to diversity, we will close the gender pay gap over time. Increasing the number of women in leadership roles throughout our company is critical in this effort.

We are committed to fostering an environment of exceptional professional development to ensure each of us can achieve our full potential. Our gender pay gap numbers show us that we need to continuously improve in our actions to make a meaningful difference to women in the workplace at Gartner. We know this will take considerable effort and time, but we equally recognize the tremendous benefit this will provide to women, our business and society as a whole.

Explore our culture and learn more about diversity and inclusion at Gartner here.

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