Utkalika Badu’s 6 Tips for Career Success

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At Gartner, we believe that as individuals, as communities, and as an organization, we are stronger and better by bringing diverse perspectives and experiences together. In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting the successes of our associates from across the world. Utkalika Badu, VP, Team Manager, Gartner Research & Advisory, joined Gartner eight years ago. Below, she shares six lessons she’s learned throughout her corporate career.

1. Know what matters to you: It’s important to know what matters to us and why. Often we are caught up in doing things we don’t enjoy doing for long periods of time, leaving us little or no time for what we want to be doing. It’s a myth that there’s a lack of time for working professionals to live balanced lives.

2. Prioritize your priorities: We often tell ourselves that we’re too busy to do something, whether it be personal or professional. Really, we should be telling ourselves that it’s simply not a priority. When we make the conscious decision to prioritize a task, we take time for it. So next time when you say, “I don’t have time to exercise,” try saying “Health is not my priority.” You will quickly make time for it.

3. Be your own advocate: No one will prioritize your goals or watch your back the way that you will. It’s important to feel comfortable advocating for yourself. Whether it’s speaking up in meetings, sharing your accomplishments or making a tough decision, you should practice speaking on your own behalf to succeed.

4. Learn from your challenges: View every crisis as an opportunity, and then you’ll never be afraid to try new things. It’s only when we try different experiences that we become better and stronger.

5. Help others: Don’t be afraid to help other women navigate through the corporate world. Not all of us have the same privileges or face the same situations in life. Therefore, some of us reach our goals faster and some of us reach them slower. However, if we don’t help each other out, we are all losing.

6. Continuously improve: If you are in your role for several years, it is quite easy to fall into a pattern or routine. Maybe you have figured out what works best and simply choose to stick with it. Instead of resting on your laurels, you should constantly innovate and push the limits of what you can achieve — even if no one is asking you to. You owe it to yourself to constantly evolve and improve.

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