Setting The Stage For Growth: Lessons Jadah Quinn Learned Throughout Her Career

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting the successes of associates from around the world. Below, Jadah Quinn, Sales Manager, who joined Gartner over three years ago, shares her unique career story and what she’s learned along her corporate journey.

I began my career at Gartner three years ago as a Senior Account Executive in our Sydney office. Within a year and a half, I was promoted into my current role as a Sales Manager. Before joining the Gartner team, I spent five years at another company, where I was able to learn a lot about myself as well as the importance of resiliency. Before entering the corporate world, I spent over twelve years working as a professional actor. During this time, I worked in television, film and live theatre, where believe it or not, I was actually able to develop skills that have helped me throughout my sales career. Below, are a few things I’ve been able to learn throughout my career progression.

Continuous Learning and Development – “Being prepared for your big break

It is important to always be “levelling” up to ensure you are in a state of readiness for the next role, corporate interview or audition. My number one goal each year is to grow and develop as a human being, whether it be through courses in leadership, personal development and/or mindfulness. It is critical to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentality because you never know when or where the next opportunity will present itself.

Process and solid foundation – “Mastering your craft”

One of the best things about Gartner is our tried and tested processes. Gartner has a number of resources when it comes to professional development, which you can leverage at any point in your career to ensure you’re on your way to success. I have found these processes and resources invaluable, especially when it comes to sales and management roles. Gartner hands you the tools to be successful. My advice is to leverage them whenever you can to become a master of your craft.

Understanding people – “Empathizing with the character”

Taking the time to understand your colleagues, team, manager and executives is crucial to developing healthy working relationships and achieving balance. We are all busy and have different ways of managing our time and priorities. I try to stop and think about how others may be feeling or thinking before having an important conversation or communicating a message.  This has really helped me to think before I react and ensure I am aligned to the person I’m influencing or simply communicating with.

Say yes to opportunity – “Don’t be afraid to take centre stage”.

Throughout my career, I have tried to say ‘yes’ to as many opportunities as possible, even if I wasn’t entirely ready. In my acting days, we were taught that fear is just your body physiologically preparing you for the next step. Whether it be a big presentation, promotion or next move, it’s important to take the chance and not let your nerves stop you.

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