Gartner University Games Offers Students a Glimpse at Sales Career


Learn. Perform. Lead.

Gartner’s European headquarters in Egham, U.K., hosted the two-day Gartner University Games on 28 February – 1 March 2019, welcoming 25 student participants from 14 universities. On Day 1, participants were able to experience what it would be like to work on a world-class professional sales team. They learned the skills needed to speak with C-level executives, took part in group discussions, role-played live scenarios and received feedback from top sales professionals.

To prepare, students learned from Gartner’s Sales Learning and Development team all about the Gartner product they were selling, and how to understand the buyer and their needs. On Day 2, they played out these scenarios in a live competition where three winners were chosen.

The Winners

First place: Tiago Jordão | Bocconi University

“Gartner University Games was an amazing experience. I loved all the care put into making sure that we felt comfortable, relaxed and in an environment where we could really thrive. The competition itself was very helpful in understanding what a career at Gartner would feel like, and for gaining some sales insights with world-class professionals.”

Second place: Stan Dorna | Avans Hogeschool

“I really enjoyed Gartner University Games! The selling style was interesting and unique, and we really received a lot of information.”

Third place: Flora Wuzella | Vienna University of Economics and Business

“I was very impressed with everything that was offered to us at the event. I learned a lot over two days and believe I can build upon very important skills, thanks to what we experienced. Gartner University Games gave us a great opportunity to network and to meet so many nice people! I was really happy with the entire event and would strongly recommend it to other students.”

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