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Our Women at Gartner Employee Resource Group

Gartner is a multicultural, global business serving clients in more than 100 countries. Our associates are of different geographies, religions, sexual orientations, abilities, generations, experiences and genders. Our strong network of global employee resource groups (ERGs) help uphold our company commitment to diversity and inclusion. These groups support specific identities at Gartner, and are dedicated to ongoing dialogue and collaboration.

Women at Gartner is an ERG open to all associates, and understands that we make the greatest impact with input and engagement from employees of all genders. Because the input of its diverse members drives its mission, Women at Gartner recently collected qualitative insights and feedback from associates across functions and geographies. This global survey revealed the priorities and vision our people have for Women at Gartner.

Women at Gartner’s mission is to drive the recruitment, professional development, engagement and visibility of women at Gartner by providing an inclusive network to exchange ideas, elevate professional skills and provide access to senior leadership, ultimately enabling the advancement of women across all levels of leadership. The group represents women at Gartner and “one Gartner” committed to inclusion.

Below, associates involved in the group share their experiences as members, the importance of International Women’s Day, and how Gartner’s culture of inclusivity and empowerment has helped them reach their full potential

“As I have enjoyed an incredible sales career at Gartner while also raising my family, I feel a strong sense of ‘paying it forward’ to encourage, inspire and empower our women in sales, no matter what their career goals are, to be their very best and deliver incredible business results. I have a heart for the challenges of our working moms and want to ensure them that it always works out — even when we are challenged with work/family demands that make us question whether we scar our kids for life. Note: We do not. My proof: My daughter is a Gartner account executive!”

Julie Tenwolde, VP & Client Director, Americas HT Sales, and Chair of Women in Sales Board of Directors

“Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day provide all of us the opportunity to engage with our global associate community and celebrate the amazing Women at Gartner helping to take us to new heights. Together we are creating one of the world’s absolute best places to lead and do fulfilling work, solving our clients’ mission-critical priorities. Let us revel in the joy that demonstrating our gratitude provides and be loud in our celebrations — be it virtually or in person — across each of the countries we live in and work at Gartner! This is a momentous time to honor those who came before us, celebrate those who work alongside us, and pave the way for those who will lead our future.”

Erica W. Smith, Sales Manager, Global Enterprise Financial Services, and Chair of Women at Gartner

“One of the most important things that Women at Gartner does is to bring visibility to women in our company who are accomplishing great things — contributing to our business, their teams and our people. Why is this so important? Simple: ‘If you can see it, you can be it.’ When women see other women accomplishing great things — and being recognized for them — it is inspirational and invites one to say, ‘I can do it, too.’ And from a diversity perspective, bringing visibility to women accomplishing great things demonstrates that a variety of leadership styles, personalities and people can be successful, achieve great things in different ways and contribute to our company.”

Julie Abbott, RVP, Sales Operations, and Vice Chair, Women at Gartner and Head of Women in Sales

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