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Lin Ingabire Shares About His Passion For Diversity and Inclusion In The Workplace

February 22, 2019

Lin 1Meet Lin Ingabire, a Business Development Manager and member of our Mosaic at Gartner employee resource group. Below, Lin shares about his life at Gartner in our Chicago office and what it means to be a member of the Mosaic at Gartner group. 

My name is Lin Ingabire and I grew up in a small but vibrant city in the south called New Orleans. I learned at a very young age the importance of beignets and jambalaya when it comes to a balanced diet. I went to college in North Carolina at Wake Forest University, majoring in Political Science and International Affairs.

My career path started during my junior year of college at one of our campus career fairs. Before I attended the career fair, I had a conversation with one of my political science professors that I found to be extremely valuable. During that conversation, he shared his perspective with me on life, career, family and everything in between. I left that talk with much more of a perspective on the type of organization that I wanted to explore and what my next steps were going to be following graduation. Gartner was one of the companies that attended the career fair, and while I didn’t apply at the time, the organization made a big impression on me and my curiosity grew from there.

My first role at Gartner was on the customer engagement team, helping to improve engagement across the different products. I learned a ton from my time in the role, but the biggest things that come to mind are learning to be scrappy, creative and persistent when it comes to resolving an issue. The biggest lesson I have learned at Gartner is the importance of acknowledging each and every person’s role in making it all work. We are all working toward a common goal, so I have found it to be extremely rewarding to take a step back and appreciate how it all comes together.

One of the biggest passions I have is diversity and inclusion. When I found out that Gartner had a number of different employee resource groups whose mission it is to champion diversity and inclusion and empower its presence in our workforce, I jumped at the chance to be involved in one of the groups, Mosaic. The Mosaic at Gartner employee resource group aims to build a community for associates from underrepresented races, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, helping to ensure each of our associates are engaged in our global community. Mosaic at Gartner hosts networking events, keynote sessions, talks and team building sessions to further promote our diversity and inclusion efforts at Gartner. Over the last two years I’ve served and been a part of different activities. 

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