How Senior Research Specialist Channell Warren Used Her Strengths to Make an Impact

ChannellAre you interested in joining Gartner’s world class research and advisory team? Below, Channell Warren, a Senior Research Specialist working in our Arlington office, shares about how she has grown within her role by using her strengths to make an impact with her work. 

I joined the Gartner Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) team as a research specialist. After about eight months, I was given a new research challenge to explore how finance leaders can help solve large business issues that were disrupting and impacting the finance department, specifically around workflow and pain points. Although I didn’t have a tremendous amount of experience, I was the only associate on the team with a background in FP&A, so I tapped into that knowledge and was able to dive into this challenge with a unique perspective.

Our team began by breaking down the client’s issues surrounding their corporate goals and methods used to achieve those goals into smaller, more manageable subtopics that we wanted to pursue. We researched some initial findings through surveys and tests, and pressure-tested those with our clients with case studies. Ultimately, it was exciting because we came away with a new understanding and teaching that we didn’t expect, which was that getting buy-in from business leaders quickly was more important than identifying performance issues faster. The client later validated what our research had concluded and was optimistic about what this research would mean for the company moving forward.

I was surprised by how much I had learned in a short amount of time at Gartner, and that I was able to provide FP&A subject matter expertise beyond what a search tool could provide. Because of that knowledge, I ultimately delivered value to the team and helped shape the decisions of finance leaders at all levels of the organization.

At Gartner, we work in an environment where we can constantly question everything and push ourselves to think outside the box at all levels. The advice I give to the research specialists on my team now is, “Don’t be afraid to voice different ideas and don’t be afraid of what you don’t know.”

It’s a full-circle moment for me.

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