Diversity & Inclusion

Mosaic At Gartner

Our Associates: Diversity and Inclusion Champions

February 11, 2019


Advancing Gartner Through Employee Resource Groups

As the world’s leading research and advisory firm, we have experienced tremendous growth quarter after quarter. We can directly attribute this growth to the hard work of our associates around the globe. With more than 15,000 associates worldwide serving clients in over 100 countries, at Gartner, we understand the importance of embracing diversity and fostering inclusive environments.

As we continue to evolve globally, our teams focus on attracting individuals from different geographies, ethnicities, religions, races, genders, sexual orientations and abilities. Our four employee resource groups (ERGs) aim to bring associates together as one of the ways to foster a diverse, inclusive and supportive environment at Gartner.

The Mosaic at Gartner ERG aims to build a community for associates from underrepresented races, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, helping to ensure each of our associates are engaged in our global community. Mosaic at Gartner hosts networking events, keynote sessions, talks and team building sessions to further promote our diversity and inclusion efforts at Gartner. Below, associates involved in the Mosaic at Gartner ERG share their experiences as members, and how our culture of inclusivity and empowerment has helped them reach their full potential.

Emilia DiMare, Specialist, Advisory

San Francisco, California

“Participating in Mosaic at Gartner has provided an amazing opportunity to work with passionate and inspired individuals across the organization on initiatives that collectively bring us closer to our diversity and inclusion goals. I’ve learned so much about how we, as an ERG, can positively impact the employee experience and the steps we can take to better support each other as a community.”

William Bruce, Business Development Manager

Fort Myers, Florida

“Leading Mosaic’s newest chapter in Fort Myers this past year has given me a tremendous opportunity for networking and leadership development outside of my full-time role. Along with my team, I’ve been able to build something that enhances our community and gives us all an avenue to fulfill our passions for diversity and inclusion. Personally, Mosaic at Gartner has given me a sense of community, additional professional development, and a well-balanced career.”

Suzanne Hirasuna, Sr. Specialist, Advisory

Chicago, Illinois

“After completing an ethnic studies minor as an undergrad, and devoting much of my time to volunteering and supporting social justice initiatives, Mosaic at Gartner has been my way of continuing to celebrate and inform diversity and inclusion. I love that Gartner has continued to emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion, specifically in the workplace, and it’s been wonderful to meet new people in the Chicago office, and other Gartner offices, in order to learn from one another.”

Mike Parks, Sr. Event Planner

Arlington, Virginia

“I became involved with Mosaic at Gartner for a sense of community and camaraderie with people who can identify with my experiences or who can teach me about theirs. I appreciate being able to have candid conversations in a safe place and learning about the advances that our company is making to support associates. We have a lot of fun activities and meaningful experiences at Mosaic at Gartner, and I’m consistently learning new things from our initiatives.”

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