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Jasmine Banks Shares Why She Joined Gartner’s Products Team

February 06, 2019

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Hi, I’m Jasmine Banks! I’m a Client Partner currently working in Fort Myers, Florida. After finishing my MBA, I began the daunting task of applying for, as my mom called it, a “big girl job.” Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree at the University of Alabama, I tried briefly and then failed to assimilate into career culture — so the only thing I knew when starting my job search was what I did NOT want in a future company. After months of searching and interviewing, I was almost ready to give up.

That’s when a Gartner recruiter reached out to me via LinkedIn. The recruiter mentioned the opportunities at Gartner, and I took a couple days to browse through the company website. I read a “Life at Gartner” blog post. I remember scoffing to myself, thinking that it looked too good to be true. How can a company actively invest in its employees and care about its employees’ work-life balance while also growing at a significant rate?

Based on the variety of information I found on the website, I decided to move forward in setting up an interview. Still skeptical, I began the interview process. One thing that stood out above the rest was that all the Gartner employees I interacted with answered “Why Gartner” with positive and genuine messages. They all shared their love for the company and the experiences and opportunities they had been given because of Gartner. This is something I knew I wanted in my new employer and future career move.

I’ll admit, on my first day at Gartner, I was still a bit skeptical. Everyone is supposed to say they love their job when you’re interviewing, but my first week at Gartner completely solidified my decision to join this awesome company. I’m truly blessed to work with the smartest, most caring people. Not just my team, but the entire floor is completely supportive of your journey to be successful. Everyone is willing to step in and help during any step of the onboarding process.

I genuinely love getting up and getting ready for work in the morning. Every day is a new experience and a new opportunity to learn something. I chose Gartner because I was looking for a place at which my success could be fostered through teamwork and friendly competition — and that’s exactly what I have gotten. This is a great place to work and grow into a future company leader, and I certainly have a team of people in my corner who support that growth!

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