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5 Reasons To Join Gartner’s Sales Team In Barcelona

February 01, 2019


Are you considering a career in sales? Gartner’s office in El Poblenou, Barcelona is growing and looking for top talent to join the team. Our Barcelona office is a cultural hotspot. Home to over seventy associates who speak more than twenty-four languages, you will be given the opportunity to make an impact with your work on a global level.

Below, Stefano Cavaliere, an Account Executive in our Barcelona office, shares the top five reasons to consider joining our growing sales team.

1. Experience World-Class Training. When you first join Gartner’s sales team, we give you all the tools needed for success during a seven-week Sales Onboarding and Readiness Program. This initial training period is designed to ensure each associate is fully equipped with the skills needed for achieve. Our sales methodology has a strong track record for success – you will fully realize the power of the tools you’ve been given once you start to interact with clients.

2. Achieve As A Team. Once you’ve completed the Sales Onboarding and Readiness Program, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Once you get on the floor with your colleagues and teammates, you get a taste of what it’s like to be a part of a real sales cycle. It is this friendly competition that helps me to strive to do my best each and every day in the office. When I succeed, my team succeeds.

3. Work With Top Talent. What’s one of my favorite perks about working at Gartner? Working with and learning from the best and brightest. How do we ensure that our teams are comprised of top talent? Our referral program! All associates can recommend potential candidates for positions across the world. This is great way for the Barcelona office to continue growing – plus the bonus for successful hires is well received.

4. Opportunity Is Everywhere. As a member of Gartner’s world-class sales organization, growth is all around you. Whether it’s a promotion or successful end to a quarter, our top performers are recognized and rewarded. This is a great way to celebrate their accomplishments and motivate others. Some of our best and brightest even achieve Winners Circle, a rewards program for top earners that allows for our associates to travel the world.

5. Be A Part of Gartner’s Success. From the minute you join the Gartner team, your work makes an impact on the success of the organization. Attending one of our global events, like Gartner’s IT Symposium/Xpo, helps you gain an understanding into the scope of Gartner’s global footprint. It’s a great feeling to say you are a part of the Gartner team.

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