Gartner Associates Share Their Professional Goals For 2019


With 2019 underway, the Gartner team is looking towards the year with great excitement.  As a growth company, our people are an important part of our success with continuous improvement and innovation being key components of our performance-driven culture. Bringing in the right people who are a cultural fit is also essential as our organization continues to expand globally.

At Gartner, our team is made up of highly motivated individuals who recognize that their work has an impact on our success as a company. Our collaborative culture encourages our associates to do their best work each and every day, while also motivating their team members and colleagues to strive for success.

We asked our associates from across the globe to share their professional goals to kick-off the 2019 year strong and stay motivated. Are you interested in growing with Gartner in 2019? Take a look below to see what our associates hope to accomplish this year.

“I want to continue reading another 24 classic books on leadership, change, motivation and empowerment.” –Chris Ober, VP, Team Manager, GTP Interactive Research Group

“I am hoping to find the time to take advantage of Gartner’s volunteer opportunities and leverage the knowledge I am learning in my Public Relations Master’s Program to improve the content I produce on behalf of the company.” – Katie Costello, Public Relations Manager, Corporate Communications

“I hope to help at least one person identify their dream role here at Gartner.” – Brynleigh Benak, Program Coordinator, Sales Learning & Development

“My goal is to grow our teams with diverse, driven talent by cultivating candidate relationships.” – Irene Lewis, Recruiter, Digital Markets

“My goal for 2019 is to improve my ability to give constructive feedback to coworkers.” – Lindsey Ault-Authier, Social Media Manager, Corporate Communications

“I want to hit Winners Circle by April.” – Oliver Walters, Account Executive, MSE Sales

“I want to go outside of my comfort zone and push the boundaries by developing a strategic recruiting process that will help us to attract and hire top talent to drive and elevate the business.” –  Phoenix Vinci, Senior Recruiter, Corporate Marketing, Corporate Communications and Product

“My aim is to build out a high performing team where everyone brings their whole selves to work.” – Sankalp Batra, Senior Principal, Research & Advisory Operations

“I want to achieve a 50/50 balance of time spent teaching and learning from our clients.” – Chris Mixter, Vice President, Advisory

“My goal is to improve collaboration between teams by linking common objectives and forming new relationships.” – Kalina Pullen, Marketing Associate, Corporate Marketing

“I hope to read 52 books. One per week.” – Dan Clay, Account Executive, Gartner for Marketers

“My 2019 goal is to educate and attract top military talent to the welcoming culture of Gartner.” – Ryan Ketchum, Veteran Program Specialist

“I am hoping to embody three new leadership qualities: thinking ahead, being empathetic and inspiring my team to achieve more.” – Sheenam Mahajan, Associate Business Analyst, Products & Services

“My goal for 2019 is to expand my understanding of the AI community so that I can better cater my social media posts to the people that consume them.” –Katherine Mullen, Social Media Events Intern


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    I love the fact that Gartner shares associates’ goals for 2019. This is great to see and shows how much value Gartner has for their employee’s and also, shows how much value employees’ get from working here. Keep up the great work!

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