Behind-The-Scenes Of The Gartner Conferences Team

CaptureAre you interested in joining Gartner’s fastest growing business unit and working on must-attend conferences around the globe? Below Sam Cox, Senior Marketing Manager on the exhibitor sales enablement team, shares insight into what it’s like to join the the Gartner Conferences team, his specific role, and what gets him out of bed every morning.

Did you know that Gartner hosts more than 75 conferences annually across eight regions? Hosting over 55,000 IT and business professionals and 1,100 exhibitors. The value for those professionals attending is fourfold:

  • Expert advice: Getting Gartner’s latest research and predictions, before it becomes mainstream
  • Guaranteed inspiration: Hearing from guest speakers who inspire leadership and innovation
  • Peer networking: Building personal networks with peers who are tackling similar issues in their organization
  • Technology solutions: We connect our attendees with technology providers and vendors who can help address their mission critical priorities

SC Blog Image 2Behind every world-class conference is the Gartner Conferences team that plays a pivotal role in the production, delivery and execution. This growing team works tirelessly and collaboratively behind the scenes to ensure that every conference is the single most important gathering for the roles Gartner targets and the communities Gartner creates, in every major geography.

The role of Senior Marketing Manager in the exhibitor sales enablement department, is to deliver sales programs, tools and support structure to drive measurable retention and sales productivity impact. On-site, at the majority of Gartner conferences, the exhibitor sales enablement team designs and delivers flawless proof of concept programs to support the exhibitor sales team in pipeline conversion. These programs are structured around the following framework:

  • Gartner at a Glance: Presenting a high-level overview of the Gartner business and conferences portfolio
  • Track architecture and content creation: Hearing from the conference chair and program manager on how the agenda is devised and formulated
  • Audience overview: Analysis of the audience attending the event from a demographical standpoint
  • Attendee panel: Providing a real-life perspective from attendees on the value they get from attending
  • Exhibitor panel: Similarly, providing a real-life perspective from exhibitors on the value they get from exhibiting
  • Exhibit floor tour: Showing the buzz of the exhibit floor where attendees engage and address their top priorities with the exhibitors present
  • Networking reception: Offering the opportunity to connect with prospects, clients and peers in an informal setting

Since joining Gartner three and half years ago, working within Gartner Conferences has enabled Sam to deliver these programs in the most amazing places around the globe, many of which he had never ventured to before. From Goa, India, to Gold Coast, Australia, followed by Dubai, UAE, and Cape Town, South Africa, Sam is always looking forward to where the next conference will take him.

If you are interested in joining Gartner Conferences, search for an opportunity here.

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