Gartner’s Content Production Team Is Growing

20190202-1DX11915As a performance-driven company, our continuous growth means unlimited opportunities to realize your full potential. Whether you’re developing in your role or managing a team of newly hired associates, we give you the tools to succeed. Below, Andrew Watson, a Manager on our Content Production team, shares about what it’s like to be a part of an environment of consistent growth.

At Gartner, the only constant is change — and it makes every day working here a great one. In my four and a half years with the company, I have seen us undergo immense growth. New faces have popped up. Buildings have risen. Seats have shifted. And I have transitioned from Senior Writer supporting Gartner research for Infrastructure and Operations Leaders to a Manager in our Content Production department responsible for a team of writers and editors.

And that transition was the least of the change I would see. Initially, my team was responsible for supporting both our supply chain and marketing research groups. But due to tremendous growth in these areas and multiple acquisitions, such as Supply Chain World, L2 and CEB (including Iconoculture), my team inevitably split in two. In short, we just got really, really big — to put it in layman’s terms.

photo-typing-laptop-01Currently, my team has eight members — several of them being newly hired to Gartner — and we focus solely on Gartner for Marketers. Of these folks, three were hired by me as a direct result of company growth, and three joined my team through the L2 and Iconoculture acquisitions.

For the majority of 2019, my focus will continue to be on building a single, cohesive team, despite the challenges of us coming from what was once three, distinct companies — each with its own culture. In doing so, there has been no shortage of work, as we strive to harmonize processes and technologies and learn from each other’s best practices.

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