5 Reasons Sally Everingham Loves Life At Gartner


Hi, I’m Sally Everingham, Marketing Manager, from Sydney, Australia. I started with Gartner as an Events Marketing Specialist in February 2017. My role within Events is Audience Acquisition, specifically for the IT portfolio of events that are held in Australia. It’s been an exciting and challenging two years with Gartner, and I wanted to share the top 5 reasons why I choose to work here.

  1. New and exciting challenges

Working within Events Marketing at Gartner, there are always new challenges, new opportunities and problems to solve! One thing I love about Gartner is that every day is different, from developing marketing plans and briefing designers on creative for advertising to looking at the analytics and optimizing each campaign — and, of course, attending the event and interviewing CIOs and IT leaders firsthand to gain customer insights!

Gartner encourages and supports me to think outside the box, be creative and innovative and collaborate with a global network of marketing colleagues to get the best results in each marketing campaign.

  1. IMG_5118Team culture

Gartner has a great team culture — we’re all in it together! The people at Gartner really make Gartner the best place to work. The local ANZ team are friendly, welcoming, hardworking and always up for a good time. We also have a global network of peers that we get to work with on a daily basis who are equally as amazing. Gartner has great people —and who doesn’t want to work with a supportive, encouraging and fun team every day?

  1. Traveling the world

Gartner is a global company with more than 60 conferences worldwide every single year. I’m able to connect with my marketing colleagues and peers, from all around the world — North America, U.K. and India. Having the opportunity to connect, collaborate and work with my peers face to face and also over the phone is invaluable. I have global connections, an international view on marketing and events and, most of all, I’ve made some lifelong friends.

Gartner gives me the opportunity to travel the world, attend international events, collaborate with my peers in other office locations and explore!

  1. Grow with Gartner

One thing I love about Gartner is the investment it makes in its people. Gartner encourages growth and development, which is really refreshing. After being with Gartner for just 18 months, I was promoted to Events Marketing Manager. Gartner is constantly nurturing me and challenging me to continually develop and grow so that I’m ready for the next opportunity.

  1. Location

I mean, have you seen the view? Need I say more? We really are spoiled with a spectacular and breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour Bridge — the harbor and the city skyline every single day! It’s true what they say, “The view never gets old.”

Are you interested in joining our team in Australia? Search for an available position here.

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