Behind-The-Scenes of Gartner’s Business Rotational Development Program

74253Meet Aman Agarwal, a Gartner associate currently participating in our Business Rotational Development Program. Learn more about Aman’s career path, the benefits of the program as well as our collaborative culture as she shares her story below. 

As a final-year student, my foremost focus was to start a career that would allow for me to do something that would relate to my sense of excitement and vigor. In school, as you question the multitudes of corporate options available, it is hard to decide your next step — especially as you try to match that step with your interests. This is harder than it sounds, perhaps because passions transform over time. When have you ever been able to visualize your day-to-day through a job description?

The first catch for me while applying to Gartner was the title: Business Rotational Development Program (aka, BRD). The idea that I could diversify my experience and make the most of my day was extremely valuable. Through this program, I get to transition in and out of different organizations within Gartner. For a person like me who thrives on chaos and constant change, it was a gigantic plus. It helps to cultivate a vernacular in each domain and also helps me keep with the fast pace of a growing company like Gartner. Be it Sales, Service, HR, Events, Research or Product, the Rotational Program helps me to keep company-wide initiatives at top of mind.

Empowered by the idea of nurturing future leaders, rotational talent receives direct mentorship from senior leaders at Gartner. In addition to learning directly from executives, we experience 360-degree, all-round development at both the professional and personal level. Complete project ownership and autonomous decision-arlington_photoshoot_0101making help us to problem-solve and think-outside-the-box. The challenges we are faced with allow for us to grow limitlessly.
Gartner’s flat hierarchy is coupled with its open and transparent work culture. As long as you are invested in solving a problem, you receive endless support. “Knock on the door and strike up a conversation” appropriately defines the approachability of peers and leaders alike — designations never play a role in influencing a response.

Because I was raised in India, surrounded by a rich cultural heritage, it is great to see the richness in cultural, educational and professional backgrounds that exist here at Gartner. It is amazing to see how different minds collaborate to bring in varied perspectives and solutions to problems. I feel an overwhelming sense of pride because of Gartner’s inclusive culture, I feel that I have a sense of belonging. The Rotational Program stimulates a hustle-and-bustle atmosphere, and a support system that plays a tremendous role in keeping morale up, giving us the confidence to continue to strive tirelessly and fearlessly.

It is a great time to be at Gartner.

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