Erin Fish Shares About Her Life At Gartner As A Talent Sourcer

erinfishMeet Erin Fish, a West Virginia University graduate originally from Sandy Hook, Connecticut. After completing her degree in Communications Studies, Erin joined the team as a Talent Sourcer just over one year ago. Below, Erin shares a behind-the-scenes look into what her life at Gartner is like in our Stamford, Connecticut office. 

When I first graduated college, I started working in a field sales environment. A few years later, I was contacted by my first manager out of school who asked me to come work for him again but this time as a recruiter. I was always interested in HR but never knew how to break in or what path I wanted to pursue. Once I started recruiting, I immediately knew this was the path I wanted to take. I heard about Gartner through a previous coworker, actually a few of them! I had always heard such great things about the environment, team, growth and career path potential, and since my former colleagues couldn’t stop raving about the company, I decided I wanted to learn more. After going through the interview process, I joined the Talent Acquisition team in September 2017 working in our Stamford, Connecticut office.

As a Talent Sourcer for the Global Sales Recruiting team, my role is to hunt for and attract top sales professionals for roles across the U.S. through a variety of methods, including social media, cold-calling, networking and candidate management systems. I am responsible for building and maintaining a pipeline of talent for current and future needs. Once I identify talent, I am also responsible for prequalifying candidates through initial phone screens for all roles I am actively working on. With such a tight and passive candidate market, it is very important in my job to constantly think outside the box and come up with new and creative methods and messaging to entice talent.

I have found that in order to be successful in my role at Gartner, that it is important to ask questions, build my internal network while building my external network for candidates, and top-set short-term goals each week to hit my long-term year-end goals. It is important to not get stuck in a routine, and to switch up methods for reaching out to and attracting talent to make sure that we stand apart from other organizations. Also, the treats and basket of candy my coworker and I consistently replenish for a little afternoon pick-me-up don’t hurt.

Collaborating with others and setting clear goals for yourself also ensure success on the Talent Sourcing team. I meet with my manager on a weekly basis where we go over my goals in my current position, but also my goals with Gartner. He encourages me to set goals for myself and grow not only as a Talent Sourcer but grow my professional skill set as a whole. I also meet with team members I am collaborating with on positions on a weekly basis to make sure we are always on the same page. Throughout the week, I have conversations through our internal chat system with not only the people on my direct team but also other members of the Talent Acquisition team, to bounce ideas off each other and every now and then share a good meme. Teamwork is definitely the key to success here at Gartner!

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