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Karan Kukreja Shares His Growing With Gartner Story

December 22, 2018

IMG_1989When you join our technology team, you are responsible for delivering the cutting-edge tech solutions that power Gartner and fuel our strategy. Interested in learning more about our associates? Below, Karan Kukreja, a Senior Database Administrator in our Gurgaon office, shares the story of how he joined the Gartner team over a year ago. 

I was born and brought up in Delhi, where I received a bachelor’s degree in technology from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University followed by an M.B.A. in IT. I also hold some certifications in the technology I work in. During the third year of university, we had our campus placements. Being from the computer science stream we had a lot of IT companies coming in for placements. After clearing 5 rounds of interviews, all on the same day, I got placed with Wipro Technologies. (The entire process took around 26 hours and we were up the whole night on campus, which was pretty tiring).

I joined Gartner in May 2017 as a senior DBA.I was the only DBA then on the India team. Now we have a full team of DBAs here in India. I have been lucky to participate in carefully evaluating and handpicking the junior team in India from a set of close to 50 resumes, and I take pride in the fact that we have one of the finest teams in India and the U.S. to work with. Apart from my usual routine tasks, I guide and assist my team in their day-to-day work to ensure our deliverables are flawless consistently. Here at Gartner, the management has a no-boundaries attitude and therefore, I get to work and explore almost all databases and cloud technologies in the market. Apart from this, we also do cross-platform training.

Gartner is a growing company that has consistently delivered amazing growth year after year. It honors and follows its five core values (integrity. objectivity. no-limits mindset. collaboration. results).It has an excellent work culture. Each associate is encouraged and provided adequate time to learn and grow.

The best thing about Gartner is the work culture and the no-limits mindset. You get ample time to do POCs on things that are coming on your way so that you are well prepared for it. Since we have folks in the U.S. too, we have routine calls where proper handover is done to keep the information and the work flowing. Regular internal cross-skill trainings are conducted, which keeps your skill set in tune with the technological changes worldwide. The management is open for feedback always and continuously works on the betterment of the employees without impacting the deliverables. I never thought that I would be here today, working on a such a wonderful team with endless possibilities, but it just goes to show you that Gartner is full of opportunity.

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