Life At Gartner As A Senior Recruiter: Hannah Waters Shares Her Story

Hannah LinkedInAre you interested in joining the Gartner team? We are growing in several of our global offices. Learn more about the day-to-day life of a Gartner Recruiter as Hannah Waters, a Senior Recruiter in our Egham office, shares about how she joined the team and what her life at Gartner is like below. 

My name is Hannah Waters and I am a Senior Recruiter at Gartner. I was born and raised in Kent, U.K., and received a bachelor of science degree in physical geography from the University of Portsmouth. I was approached by a Gartner recruiter via LinkedIn, and had been with Oasis HR (a small boutique HR agency) for four years. I loved my role and wasn’t looking for a change, and although I knew the Gartner brand, I didn’t realize at the time just how important the company was! But I have a lot of friends working for big tech companies like Microsoft and IBM, and they all stressed that they rely on Gartner daily and that this was not an opportunity to turn down.

I did my research, agreed to an initial call and started the interview process from there. The Gartner contacts were very respectful of the fact I was working and found it difficult to speak at times; and the people I met (right up to VP level) were so incredibly welcoming and passionate about Gartner (especially the growth and career opportunities). So when I was eventually offered, I jumped at the chance to join. And here I am, four years on!

I’m about to move into a new business unit at the end of the year, but my roles within Gartner so far have all supported the Sales functions, firstly the Large Enterprise division as a Talent Sourcer, then the Midsize Enterprise division as a Recruiter and Senior Recruiter. I have loved recruiting for Sales, as you can very clearly measure the impact you are having on Gartner’s success by how well your hires are doing! Seeing your hires reach Winners Circle and Eagle (the highest measures of success), or seeing them get promoted into management roles, gives you a real sense of satisfaction, and it’s amazing to know you spotted their potential and helped bring them into Gartner.

In my role, it’s all about quality — while we have personal and team targets, we never lower the benchmark and we strive to hire only the best. Gartner has a very clear view of what makes someone successful in Sales (supported by years of data), and we have a very sophisticated and robust recruitment model to identify these traits in people. I’m very process-driven, so this is perfect for me! Plan your diary in advance, block out essential activities like sourcing, and for admin tasks I try to block time each day, put on a podcast or playlist, and just get it done!

 Face-to-face meetings and interactions are so important! As with any large organization, it’s easy to revert to emails/IM, but I think where possible (and within reason) a coffee and a sit-down with someone goes a long way in building a relationship. If you are the one calling a meeting, ensure it’s a valuable use of the other person’s time, and come prepared with an agenda. And finally, get involved! Make an effort to introduce yourself to new starters (we’ve all been there), or at the summer/Christmas parties, try to meet people outside of your team/business unit, and embrace the fact that we have some incredibly smart, successful people here who you can learn so much from.

I’m very grateful to the mentors I’ve had within Gartner, who have been fantastic sounding boards and helped me to identify my strengths (and how to play to them), but also my areas of development (and ways to work on them). And secondly, push yourself! There’s a saying at Gartner: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” Whether this is presenting to large groups or running training sessions, just go for it, because every time you broaden your comfort zone, the next time becomes less scary! When people start to know more about you, and what you are good at, you are more likely to be thought of for certain projects and initiatives, and these things all help you get to your next role.

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