Emily Spicer Shares Why She Chose Gartner

downloadMeet Emily Spicer, Manager, EAS Global Recruiting, who began her Gartner career in 2008 after graduating from the University of Dayton and moving to Fort Myers, Florida. Read more about Emily’s life at Gartner below.

My name is Emily Spicer, and I grew up in Dayton, Ohio. Naturally, I attended the best university right in my backyard: the University of Dayton. I am a proud Flyer. I majored in public relations and started my recruitment career shortly after graduation in 2008. I moved to Fort Myers, Florida, in 2016 with my family and was so lucky to receive an offer with the best company also right in my backyard. I have an 18-month-old son, Davis, who has been the best addition to my latest chapter in life. He motivates me every day to stay focused on my career goals at Gartner.

I discovered Gartner through my HR recruiter who reached out to me through LinkedIn. I’m so happy I took the leap of faith to apply and interview. I began my career with Gartner as a recruiter for the EAS sales channel with Gartner Events, reporting to Dave Penchansky. I quickly became familiar with Gartner’s amazing resource-rich environment; there was a team and someone for everything! This helped me collaborate to make my job easier and see success in my role. I learned to take advantage of these resources and build great relationships to help master my role.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned at Gartner is to not “overthink” your next step in your career. Do what feels the most natural. Gartner is a unique organization that can open up a lot of different doors for career growth. I’ve learned to succeed in the role I’m in, and the future will come naturally and at the right time.

Gartner really is a community. I grew up in a great community and had the opportunity to attend a university that fostered this same sense of community and family.  Gartner is a company that has a team of people who are all very different but also very similar in the traits and characteristics that make us successful. We are all here for the common goal and are one Gartner family.

I’ve always been a person that goes above and beyond in everything that I do. It’s hard for me to push on the brakes — I’m always looking for more and moving forward. I want to be the best employee, wife, sister, daughter, friend and mom. I love how Gartner values people that go above and beyond. I’ve been promoted twice in the last two years and feel so valued by Gartner to recognize my hard work and no-limits mindset.

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