Shana Hedge Shares Her Growing With Gartner Story

meI’m Shana Hedge, a Talent Sourcer on the HR for HR team here at Gartner. I grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii, and attended the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. I double-majored in business and Japanese language and culture. When I started to consider new opportunities, I had spent about five years at my previous company and had thought a lot about what I wanted out of my next opportunity. A huge part of that was a great culture, growth opportunity and a company that had an impactful product or service offering. I had a few connections at Gartner and the more I heard, the more excited I was about a potential position here.

I am about 1.5 years into my Talent Sourcer role. Our job is to be Gartner’s brand ambassadors when it comes to recruiting — seeking out talent across LinkedIn and social media channels, vetting them for potential roles and engaging them in the interview process. I have learned so much from my current role, not just about sourcing and recruiting but also about process improvement, time management and how to own my success by building strong relationships across the company.

Gartner is an incredibly healthy environment and a wonderful culture. Collaboration is a huge part of the environment here. My team and colleagues are the best at what they do, and getting to collaborate with them drives me to be even better, more creative and more innovative in what I do. There is also not a lot of hierarchy, meaning that you can have an impact on important processes, procedures and projects across the business and work with leaders to impact your business, no matter what title or level you are. Lastly, the personal and professional development opportunities are unlimited. You can take on projects in different areas, and explore different career paths of opportunity, which allows you to be confident in the career you are pursuing or make a switch and try something new!

hrforhrMy mentor here at Gartner is the HR for HR Recruiting Manager, Rebecca Goncalves. Throughout the interview process, she was a large part of my decision to come to the team and ultimately to Gartner. We meet biweekly to share any challenges and successes in my role, to discuss day-to-day tactics and priorities, but also to assess my future development opportunities. Rebecca has provided me with the tools and support I need to mature in my career, step outside my comfort zone and excel in my role. The most important area that she’s helped develop is my comfort and abilities in being able to have difficult conversations and give feedback in a tactful manner. She has also taught me a lot about driving my own success both in my current role and for the future.

There are so many reasons I love my job! I love the challenge of working to hire for new, complex and different roles within our Human Resources business. I also love engaging with future potential associates for Gartner, and sharing my story and all of the reasons it’s great to work here. It is so rewarding to see people who you’ve engaged with starting their career here at Gartner, and also seeing them grow and progress in their career. Lastly, my team is amazing, and I am constantly learning new things and pushing the boundaries of my knowledge.

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