Michael Sneed: Making An Impact Makes A Difference At Gartner

Mike Sneed PictureOur associates make Gartner a great place to work. By contributing to our overall success in unique ways, each associate makes a difference and has an individual impact. Gartner associates across the globe bring diverse perspectives, ideas and backgrounds together in collaboration to achieve common goals. Every associate has a unique career path and background that ultimately brought them to Gartner. Meet Michael Sneed, a Senior Designer in our Stamford office, who is sharing the story of his career journey with Gartner below.

In May 2016, Michael joined the company as a freelance associate working under Patty Ivan-Pal, a Senior Manager of Interaction Design. During this time, he was able to bring his unique background and skill set to the table and help his new team. Michael had an impact on the team dynamic almost immediately, as he was a quick learner and understood how to use design programs, which allowed him to pull together professionally designed newsletters for some of Gartner’s top-tier clients with the guidance of his peers.

Throughout his freelance assignment, Michael was able to get a feel for Gartner’s collaborative culture and fast-paced environment, leading him to apply for a full-time position as a designer for our User Experience team in the Sales & Service Delivery department of IT. “Initially I thought it was a long shot,” says Michael, “but I knew that I had a lot of skills and felt like I would be a good fit.” Shortly after applying, Michael landed his first full-time position with Gartner.

What is Michael’s favorite part about working at Gartner? “The team I work with now and the people around me are so diverse. I’ve learned a lot about different cultures,” he says. Michael also has enjoyed learning from his peers and colleagues, particularly from his boss, who has gone above and beyond to ensure a great team culture of collaboration. Says Michael, “I have only been here for several months, but my team makes me feel valued and most importantly, like I am one of the legs of the table.”

At Gartner, we value top talent and recognize the importance of teamwork to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Like Michael, you can leverage your own skill set to begin a rewarding career at Gartner and make a powerful impact with your work.

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