Aman Bedi Shares What He Loves About Gartner’s Services Team


At Gartner, our Services organization works to drive client engagement by delivering innovative solutions to some of their biggest organizational challenges. Aman Bedi, a Business Associate on our Products-Service Operations team in Fort Myers, is sharing what he loves about his role at Gartner below. 

My name is Aman Bedi. I was born and raised in New Delhi, India. In 2012, I came to the U.S. to pursue an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech. One fun fact about me is that I studied abroad in Spain for 7 months in 2016. During that time, I was able to explore 6 different countries, and since I am a big football fan, I was able to visit 4 different football stadiums, including ones in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris & London.

Very early on in my engineering degree, I learned that I really enjoy breaking down tough problems and solving them in the most meaningful manner. However, I wanted to do that in a business setting to see the material impact that problem solving can have in a more tangible manner. What I took away from my engineering degree is that learning new skills is fundamental to growing yourself as an individual. This is one thing I consistently strive to do at Gartner.2

I started at Gartner in July 2017. My first project was to support heritage Gartner’s Client Partner Group. After spending 6 months with that team, I was tasked with supporting the service organization of the recently acquired CEB group, now called Gartner for Business Services. I have been supporting the Gartner for Business Services team for almost 11 months now and coming close to the end of this project.

Why do I enjoy working at Gartner? Two main reasons — the exposure and the challenge. As a part of the rotational program, we are in a unique position to consistently present our findings and recommendations to some of the senior-most leaders at the company. Second, I am consistently challenged each day. Personally, the challenge is what drives me to come into work each day and strive to do my best. At Gartner, no two days are same, and priorities can always change. In addition, Gartner has a strong feedback-driven culture. I believe that each time a senior leader takes out time to provide feedback on my personal and professional development is a valuable moment as an employee of this organization.

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  1. Shashank Gupta

    Its great to hear what Aman has to say about gartner. The challenge is what drives me too, solving critical porblems with logical thinking, be it technical or business related, the new problem, new challenges everyday is what strives me to grow and keep learning.

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