Growing With Gartner: Diane Cho Shares Her Story

picWhen you join Gartner, you’ll be part of a fast-growing team that helps the world become smarter and more connected. Below, Diane Cho, a Technical Support Specialist in our Irving, Texas office, shares the story of her career path and how she joined the Gartner team. 

My name is Diane Cho and I am a Technical Support Specialist under the Events Management team. I actually came from a hospitality background working at hotels, from the Hyatt Regency (as an intern) in Newport Beach, CA, to the corporate office of Hilton (as a revenue specialist) in Addison, TX.

Traveling and seeing the world interested me greatly, so I thought working for hotels would get me there! Unfortunately, I realized that the hospitality industry wasn’t a great passion of mine, but I knew I wanted to find my passion and I knew I had a strong analytical background. That is when I decided to learn web development and pursue a career that would allow for me to grow professionally while doing something I love.

I wanted to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. Coding boot camp was very challenging and enjoyable at the same time. I felt instant gratification when that one line of code worked to piece the web application together. After I finished the course, I began my job search to enter the tech world.

Gartner provided me with the opportunity to enter the world of technology. Working for Events as a Technical Support Specialist has given me the opportunity to learn something new every day. The Events Navigator web application plays a vital role for the user experience. Troubleshooting various issues surrounding the web application or the various tools used, such as the Events Navigator, is imperative to the success of Gartner’s events business. I troubleshoot each issue and communicate those concerns to my team. Every day is a different day, and not only do I get to travel (which I love to do), but I get to work with brilliant people and learn from them every day!

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