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Veterans At Gartner: Why Nate Labelle Chose Gartner

November 29, 2018

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Are you a military member looking to enter the corporate world? No matter what role you hold at Gartner, you’ll be surrounded by motivated, collaborative colleagues who have a passion for ideas and service. Nate Labelle, a Client Partner and veteran, shares what it was like transitioning from the U.S. Army National Guard into his new role at Gartner and how his colleagues helped him to do so successfully. 

Gartner has grown with me as a recently separated veteran. When I started here in 2016 I was concerned my co-workers might not understand me and the experience I brought. The thing is, Gartner loves veterans and hires a ton — it took no time to find others who either had served, were recently separated or were still serving. The culture is fast-paced, driven and lighthearted, yet professional and focused. Everybody here wants to help everyone succeed, no matter your background or experience.

Separating from the military was truly bittersweet. I was nervous that I would lose my sense of purpose and never meet people of the same caliber as those I served with. When I came to Gartner, I found a new group of people who were deeply invested in success, personally and professionally, just like my former team. They drive me to be the best version of myself every day. They push me to reach higher and expect greatness. Outside of work they have become my friends. We go shooting, bowling, fishing, camping and to church together.

The great people of the past have always said you should surround yourself with smarter and better people than you because that will make you the best version of yourself. Gartner brings in the best of the best. I work side by side with veterans of all backgrounds — Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force — you name it. They are pilots, special forces, Rangers and conventional forces.

Now we are beginning to expand and coordinate our efforts to increase our impact in the military/first-responder community and educate all of Gartner and its affiliates about the power and unique experience that veterans bring to the table.

Meet us, work for Gartner and see for yourself what new heights you can reach!

Are you a recently transitioned military member looking to join Gartner? Learn more here.