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Veterans At Gartner: How Claudia Sanchez Uses Her Military Experience At Gartner

November 27, 2018

awsts 001 - CopyAre you transitioning military member looking for continuous improvement and challenging work?  If so, limitless growth opportunities await you at Gartner because hire veteran candidates with the right qualities over applicants with specific skills. Meet Claudia Sanchez, a Contracts Management Specialist and U.S. Navy veteran, who joined the Gartner team in April 2018. Claudia shares how she learned to embrace her military experiences and bring her unique skill set to Gartner below. 

I transitioned out of the Navy in 2012 after 10 years of service. As a helicopter crewman, my experience didn’t transfer to typical occupations. But I knew what I liked — I liked growth, structure, teamwork and a positive work environment. It took me 6 years to find a place that fit all of those. In 2018, I got the call to interview for a position as Contract Specialist at Gartner. It required a meticulous, type A personality, and someone who works well under pressure. Thankfully, my experience in the Navy showed me that I was all of those things.

I must have looked nervous while I waited for my first interview, because a Gartner employee came over and struck up a conversation, told me to go in confidently and asked about my previous work experience. I told him about my time in the Navy as helicopter crewman. It’s a small world — he told me about his experience as a helicopter pilot, and even smaller world, on the same type of aircraft. I knew Gartner is where I belonged. Right then.

As I’ve grown in my position, I have found the same things that made me successful in the Navy apply here — commitment, integrity and teamwork. I look forward to my time here, and future growth.

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