Garrett Sawyer Shares Why He Chose Sales At Gartner

Garrett Sawyer HeadshotAre you interested in joining the Gartner team to unlock endless career opportunities? Garrett Sawyer, an Account Manger, is sharing the story of his first year in sales at Gartner in our sunny Fort Myers office. 

My name is Garrett Sawyer, and I’m a 27-year-old Account Executive at Gartner. I graduated in 2013 from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a degree in business management and a minor in sports business management. I grew up split between two cities: Orlando, FL, and Baltimore, MD. Wondering what I do for fun? I’ve been playing blues guitar since I was 15 years old.

My career path started in the sports sales industry and was directly influenced by heavy mentorship, intern experience and education in the sports business industry. I interned in various roles for UCF Athletics, the Baltimore Orioles and the PGA Tour. After graduating, I started as an Inside Sales Representative at the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2014 and then a Corporate Sales Account Exec at Daytona International Speedway. In 2016, I decided to leave the sports business industry and pursue an entrepreneurial venture in commercial real estate finance. Ultimately, the venture was a complete financial failure but along with my sports sales background, provided a tremendous experiential foundation that has played a pivotal role in my growth thus far at Gartner.

Before starting here, I’d heard about Gartner in various ways since my time at UCF. However, Gartner first caught my attention when a trusted co-worker at the Pittsburgh Pirates and a close friend from college both shared the news of their hiring in late 2014. After continuing my career path in the sports and real estate industries for the next couple of years, another friend joined Gartner in early 2017. Subsequently, all of them have gone on to achieve great success at Gartner in various roles. When trusted connections within my network all achieve success at a particular company, it’s easy to jump on the train. After failing in my first business, I am very fortunate to have enjoyed a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth since joining in July of last year. I expect to continue this journey as I finish my first full year on the floor.

IMG_1350What is one of my favorite parts about working at Gartner? As somebody who considers himself a student of coaching and leadership, I consider myself very lucky to be at a company that is inherently built on those principles. During my time at Gartner, I’ve had multiple mentors who I have worked with very closely. In particular, my manager, Pascal Alex Dupuy, is a tremendous individual who coaches and practices every facet of the champion mindset. His positivity is contagious, and he creates a culture that any AE would feel lucky to be a part of. After the failure of my business, I had lost a tremendous amount of confidence in myself and my abilities. But they say you have to fail spectacularly in order to prepare yourself to appreciate the fruits of success. Because of Pascal, I was able to restore faith in myself, my abilities and my mindset and was subsequently selected to continue learning, growing and refining my development in the Area Manager Prep (AMP) program this year. I consider Pascal a mentor and close friend who I will always be thankful for as I progress in my career.

If you are considering a sales careers at Gartner, remember, You are the product of your mindset.” It is no secret that our job is challenging, but the people who achieve success at Gartner (and sales in general) are the ones who continuously embrace and overcome adversity while keeping a positive attitude.

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