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Veterans At Gartner: Krysta Anthony Shares Her Story

November 21, 2018

IMG_20180629_063025-01At Gartner, veterans become a part of our community and make an impact with their work. Below, Krysta Anthony shares the story of her transition from being a Major in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve into her current role as a Senior Consultant at Gartner. Like Krysta, you can join the Gartner team and apply your military experience to a corporate role. 

How has the military prepared you for working at Gartner? I believe my experience in the Marine Corps taught me about team work — relying on the people around you to do their part in the organization to strive toward a common goal. I learned in my Marine Corps career to listen to the people around you and to learn from their experience and knowledge.

Describe your experience in coming to Gartner: I joined Gartner after 10 years of active duty service as an intelligence officer and operations research analyst for the Marine Corps. I decided about a year in advance that I wanted to transition from active duty service to the reserves to pursue other interests in the civilian world. Gartner and I found each other at a Service Academy Career Conference in Washington, D.C. Gartner was very flexible in the hiring timeline so that I had a job lined up once I transitioned off active duty. I feel really lucky to have found a great place to work that is fun, challenging and supportive of veterans.

Are there any groups at Gartner that helped you make the transition from the military easier? The Veterans at Gartner group has been an amazing group to keep me plugged in with the veterans community.

What is your favorite part about working for Gartner? I love the people with whom I am fortunate to work. Everyone at Gartner has been so incredibly helpful in my first few months to take the time to explain the little things, the big things and everything in between.

What advice can you give to people joining the workforce from the military? Follow your passion! Deciding to transition from the military is a big, exciting step. It can be scary at times, but trust your gut and listen to the people around you who are providing guidance. People are always willing to help.

Are you a veteran or transitioning military member interested in learning more about Gartner? Find more information here.

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