Veterans At Gartner: Connor Lott Shares His Story

Connor LottAre you a veteran looking to join the corporate world? We strongly encourage veterans to consider Gartner as their next career step after the military. Connor Lott, Senior Principal, Advisory and former U.S. Army Captain, shares how joining the Gartner team has helped in his transition into the corporate world. 

How has the military prepared you for working at Gartner? I think one of the most important ways the military prepared me for working at a dynamic and diverse place like Gartner was its natural melting pot of cultures. In the Army, and especially in the infantry, it doesn’t matter where you call home, what race, gender or orientation you might be, or what religion you might practice — it’s about overcoming barriers present in our society and serving alongside your fellow soldier on the battlefield. By being exposed to so many different cultures and viewpoints as a young leader, I learned that organizations are strongest when they bring in a diversity of thought and perspective — which is something that I know Gartner puts a premium value on, which makes me lucky to work here.

Describe your experience in coming to Gartner: I commissioned out of college in 2012 as an Infantry Officer, got through ranger school, and served a good portion of my time in the 101st Airborne Division out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky. After five years, I decided to make the switch to the civilian world, and was fortunate to be introduced to Gartner (actually CEB at the time) through a program that placed transitioning veterans into sales roles. I found the transition to be pretty seamless, due to the transparency and support that Gartner provided during the recruitment process — and have found my recent transition to our Advisory practice just as great!

Are there any groups at Gartner that helped you make the transition from the military easier? Veterans at Gartner (shameless self-promotion — look us up and get involved at your local office!)

What is your favorite part about working for Gartner? My favorite part about working here is the pace at which we are continually iterating on our work. We’re a culture of lifelong learners that prizes sustained growth, expertise and success; and since our business environment is never going to slow down in its evolution, the fact that Gartner’s people are so dedicated to consistently improving our research, our interactions with clients, and our company as a whole is pretty awesome.

What advice can you give to people joining the workforce from the military? Your network is larger than you think — don’t be afraid to reach out to your fellow veterans at companies you’re interested in to talk about the area of work, the culture and your potential fit. It doesn’t matter if they are a different service branch, got out of the military a decade before you did, or are in a senior position at a particular firm — they will talk to you and offer any insights or assistance that they can.

Are you a veteran or recently transitioned military member looking to join Gartner? Search for a new opportunity here.

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