Veteran Brendan Cremins Shares His Experience Transitioning From The Military

BrendanAre you a veteran looking to join the corporate world? We strongly encourage veterans to consider Gartner as their next career step after the military. Below, we asked U.S. Navy veteran and Gartner Business Development Executive, Brendan Cremins a few questions about his experience transitioning from the Navy. 

How has the military prepared you for working at Gartner? The Navy taught me two very important lessons: (1) how to take a large amount of information and quickly synthesize it to the pertinent actions that make teams successful and (2) to rely on my teammates when things got tough — often when you’re feeling overwhelmed, a quick word or a simple nudge from a teammate can bring you back into the game.

Describe your experience in coming to Gartner: I transitioned out of the Navy eight years before joining Gartner. In the military and during my previous job, I was fortunate to lead strong teams; when I came to Gartner, I became an individual contributor. This career change taught me that my team was always there to elevate me to the next level. Coming to Gartner taught me to bring the same level of effort and energy every day that my sailors and former employees brought for me. The transition was seamless thanks to the training I received through Gartner’s Sales Academy (amazing instructors and members of my cohort) and the comradery that I felt when I arrived on my government team. The leadership breeds immense energy and continues to raise my personal expectations.

Are there any groups at Gartner that helped you make the transition from the military easier? I immediately joined the Veterans at Gartner group when I was hired. My move to Gartner was due in large part to the people and the culture — the veterans here at Gartner allowed me to recall how important inclusion and service meant to me. The group is made up of veterans, relatives of veterans, and those interested in sharing in the military experience. The group helps to bring together like-minded folks who I would otherwise not have the opportunity to engage with on a daily basis; this helped me to grow my network faster and truly feel a part of the Gartner culture.

What is your favorite part about working for Gartner? I know you asked for a favorite, which implies one answer, but I need to give two: the people and the mission. I have the honor to work with some of the brightest individuals in the private sector whose purpose is to help senior leaders in the public and private sectors make better decisions; these two entities drive me.

What advice can you give to people joining the workforce from the military? Let your purpose drive your passion — that will give you the energy to overcome most obstacles. Also, you have the skills and drive to do whatever you want — just find the right company to teach you the tools.

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