Nadia Sams Shares Her Gartner Story


Hi! I’m Nadia Sams, Senior Account Executive, and I have lived in Canberra, Australia my entire life ― I love it here! I have two gorgeous sons, 7 and 9 years old, and they keep my husband and me busy (we have a frequent flyer pass for our local ED!).

I joined Gartner almost five years ago, after 20 years in IT education and recruitment/account management. I remember sitting at a CIO lunch organized by my previous employer where a Gartner analyst spoke about analytics and the future of data, and thinking that Gartner sounded like a fascinating company to work for. A few months later, an Account Executive role became available and the rest is history!

I started with Gartner just over four and a half years ago as an Account Executive and was recently promoted to Senior Account Executive. I enjoy working at Gartner because we work with our clients in such a varied and diverse range of areas and have access to such a wealth of information ― I’m always learning. I also enjoy seeing our clients’ growth and development in their roles, and ensuring that they get value out of their investment.Club 300

I have had many informal mentors at Gartner who have helped me along my Gartner journey. New hires often comment on the fact that so many people are willing to help. My mentors have helped me to learn that at Gartner change is constant, we are always learning and improving as a company, and with that comes change and the need to adapt. This is the biggest and best lesson I’ve learned so far.

Last year I attended Club 300 in Rome, and it was a fabulous experience. You really feel valued and part of an wonderful company at these events. We toured the Italian wine hills in a convertible, ate in amazing restaurants and soaked up the culture and beautiful scenery. It was an awesome trip with many fantastic memories. I look forward to attending many more trips as my journey continues with Gartner.

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