Louis Stenning Is Driving Sales Results And Long-Term Success At Gartner

45923Louis Stenning, Vice President, Sales, has continued to embody the be humble, be hungry aspect of our culture since joining Gartner more than five years ago.

In 2013, Louis began his Gartner career as an Account Executive, Americas Large Enterprise, in Austin, Texas, where he mastered the Gartner sales process, discovered how to uncover clients’ mission-critical priorities (MCPs) and learned how to excel in our results-driven culture — critical skills that he credits for his professional success as a sales leader.

About 18 months later, Louis was promoted to an Area Manager, Americas Large Enterprise, in Dallas, Texas. There, he led a sales team for more than three years and attended 2016 and 2017 Winners Circles (top performers sales trip).

Louis notes that his relationships with his managers and leaders were key to his success. They monitored his professional development and kept him in the loop regarding new opportunities.

This past August, his leadership team asked Louis if he had considered diving into a different aspect of the business — Sponsorship Sales in Events. Louis admittedly had not considered transitioning out of Global Technology Sales but began to have exploratory conversations about the organization, the team and the potential of the role.

The more Louis learned about Sponsorship Sales, the more excited he became. Three major factors convinced him to make the leap:

  • The opportunity for a new challenge
  • The powerful value proposition for Event Sponsorship
  • The opportunity to grow as a result of the expanding Events portfolio

He accepted the role of Vice President, Sales in August 2018. Looking back at the past five years, Louis attributes two key factors to his career progression.

Deliver consistent business results

Sales is results-driven. To be successful in any role, it’s imperative for you to deliver consistent business results. Make sure that every day you’re doing the right things and following all the best practices to accomplish your goals to the best of your ability. As long as you’re delivering consistent results, you will be in the right position to have conversations with your leaders about your career.

Be humble and find your passion

Before you move into a new role, especially as a manager, it’s helpful to find your passion to lead and nurture others. Who do you know that’s inspired you? Work with your current mentors and don’t be afraid to ask them how they developed the ability to inspire and motivate others.

If you are interested in joining Louis’ Sponsorship Sales team in Events, apply for an open position here.

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