Mario Bourjaili Shares Why He Chose Gartner

2018 Headshot - CopyAre you a veteran or recently transitioned military member looking to join the corporate world? We strongly encourage veterans to consider Gartner as their next career step after the military because we are not just a team professionally; we are a family. Below, U.S. Army veteran and current account executive Mario Bourjaili shares why he chose to join Gartner.

I sometimes joke that I joined the Army for the dog tags as back in the ’90s I had no other means or know-how to acquire them otherwise. The reality was, like many of those who serve, I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself, do my part and serve my country. Maybe it’s worth exploring the psychology deeper, but I often reflect on how, regardless of an individual’s upbringing, the military instills values that shape a life forever. Fast-forward 19 years and I feel tremendously blessed. Blessed with my health, a beautiful family and a lifetime of success and accomplishment. This didn’t come without its fair share of adversities and doubt, but the underlying truth was that I had the preparedness to adapt and overcome. Here’s why my journey led me to Gartner and why it’s become my home.

Army Year Book Pic - CopyAlignment — After spending over a decade in Technology Sales, the Gartner brand becomes the iconic say all of things Research and Advisory. While I would often ignore recruitment outreaches as spam, one from Gartner did certainly catch my attention. I will take it a step further to say that, should you find yourself fortunate enough to discover one of these in your inbox, rest assured it was no accident. Gartner has an algorithm that can be best described as the eHarmony matchmaking tool for candidates and career openings. This algorithm scores candidates based on criteria that scream military alignment! In short, not only are you a fit for the role, but the role is a perfect fit for you.

Gartner Values Veterans  You’ve found the role you’re perfect for and that is perfect for you. Now what? Gartner values all employees. As a veteran, you have the support of the Veterans at Gartner employee resource group (ERG). This group is open to everyone: veterans, their families and all wishing to join. In addition to a multitude of support offerings, it helps create awareness of the value a veteran brings to a team and the organization; it helps corporate leaders understand the challenges of transition and why veterans do best when they have a sense of mission; it facilitates community service opportunities and welcomes ideas; it makes being a veteran in the corporate world a fulfilling accomplishment, not an anxious transition.

Gartner Team PicSkill Transfer — Synonymous with “veteran” are leadership, teamwork, goal oriented and more. Gartner provides that big-company feel with the ability to be agile to solve challenges where it makes sense. Gartner is growing, and there has never been a better time to join and bring those skills and build your personal brand with a team of like-minded individuals looking for strong leaders, collaborative team players focused on completing a common goal.

On January 29, 1999, I, Mario Bourjaili, did solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States … because it was my calling. On February 1, 2018, I joined Gartner because it was my destiny. As the regional lead of the Veterans at Gartner ERG in Stamford, CT, I look forward to welcoming veterans to the organization, and I am open to answering any questions you may have about life at Gartner.

Are you a veteran interested in learning more about Gartner? Click here to take the next step in your professional career.


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