Meet Gartner’s Recruiting Coordinator Team

RC 5The global Recruiting Coordinator (RC) team plays an integral part in fueling Gartner’s growth. Having scheduled over 50,000 candidate interviews last year, a high level of customer focus, strong attention to detail and a proactive approach in anticipating candidate/hiring manager/HR needs are essential. Recruiting Coordinators must deliver strong results in a fast-paced, demanding environment with the ability to flex priorities and adapt to change. We pride ourselves in providing the best candidate experience throughout the recruiting lifecycle.



Traits That Make Up A Successful Recruiting Coordinator

  • Organized
  • Resourceful
  • Change-agile
  • Innovative
  • Detail-oriented
  • Collaborative
  • Ability to multitask
  • Professional

Day In A Life

The RC position is a dynamic role, in which you will work with multiple business units globally. The RC is responsible for every aspect of the interview process from start to finish, with the majority of your time spent scheduling interviews. You will build and maintain strong partnerships with candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and VPs alike. We communicate regularly with our recruiters to assess recruiting needs, and work closely with candidates to confirm their interviews, book travel and answer any questions. We assist in planning and coordinating events such as Invitational Days, Blitz Days and Networking Events. We are the face of Gartner recruiting. We want our candidates to leave our office truly knowing and believing that Gartner is an incredible place to work.

We recently had a question and answer session with some of our Recruiting Coordinators. See what they have to say below:

RC 3Why do you like working at Gartner?

“I enjoy working at Gartner because of the amazing culture they have been able to create. Gartner is a company that is able to find like-minded individuals who are all striving to better themselves, as well as the company. Every day I come to work, I am surrounded by positive influences and people who push me to be innovative and truly the best version of myself. Professional development is also something that Gartner has managed to master. In the RC role specifically, we have access to many different business units, and our leaders are more than encouraging to offer opportunities to expand our business acumen. It’s a great feeling to know you have the support of not only your team, but also your manager throughout your career path.”

“I like that I can have a work/life balance, and I also like our culture. Gartner works based on a culture of performance. If you work hard and effectively, you will be rewarded for your hard work.”

“The sky’s the limit in regard to your career, as Gartner supports professional growth and encourages internal movement. Also, Gartner cares about their employees and provides amazing benefits.”

RC 2Do you love your job? Tell us why!

“I love my job as a Recruiting Coordinator because I am passionate about candidate care combined with collaboration that contributes to the overall mission of my team. I am dedicated to people. I find passion in helping others and managing projects and enjoy working as a team to hire great talent. As the saying goes, Unity is strength. Where there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

“I have an amazing team that I know I can count on, and they make coming to work every day easy. I face new challenges and learn something new about my role, a process and/or Gartner every day. I have a supportive manager who allows me to feel like I can accomplish anything I want professionally.”

“I love my job because of all the amazing individuals I get to interact with on a daily basis. I have been able to develop an amazing relationship with the RCs, recruiters, recruiting team leads, hiring managers and VPs. Everyone I have encountered is encouraging and supportive, and I am so thankful to be in a role where I have access to so many different business units and views of the company.”

“I love my job because my teammates and my managers are truly inspiring people. I consider them to be lifelong friends as well as amazing co-workers. I am supported and cared for each and every day, and that allows me to love what I do! I enjoy helping candidates find their dream job here at Gartner. Scheduling and candidate care are vital to the process, and I am proud of what I do each day.”


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    I have been following Gartner since a while now and I believe your organization is among the few which gives a good work-life balance to its employees.
    Kudos you guys!

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