Eric Whitener Shares His Gartner Story

picGreetings from sunny Fort Myers, Florida! My name is Eric Whitener, and I’m a Campus Recruiting Manager at Gartner. I was born and raised in Metro Detroit and am a proud graduate of Michigan State University. Go Green! After college I started a career in sales and later moved to Charlotte, NC, where I took those sales skills into the technical recruiting world. After a number of years working in agency recruiting, I made the pivot to Gartner.

I was initially referred to Gartner by a friend for a sales recruiting position. After a conversation and a little research, I was beyond intrigued. I wanted an organization that was focused on developing people as much as the bottom line. Check. I wanted an organization that was focused on sustainable growth. Check. I wanted to be at a place where I could make an impact. Check. Transitioning to Gartner seemed like a natural fit, as it hit those markers and because I was able to tie in both the sales and recruiting aspects of my professional background.

I joined the organization recruiting for sales roles within our Midsize Enterprise group. Sales and recruiting have a lot of parallels. As a recruiter, you are constantly selling ― opportunity, location, compensation, growth, etc. And like any sales position, it can be difficult if you don’t believe in what you’re selling. At Gartner, that’s never the case. This is a company that is constantly striving to be better than we were the day before. Our “no-limits mindset” helps drive our mission, our projects and our development as professionals.

IMG_3546Part of your development at Gartner is a constant focus on mentorship and constructive feedback. There is no shortage of people at Gartner who are willing to help you achieve your goals, and our culture is such that you would do the same for your colleagues. On my first day, I was told that I would receive the support I needed to do well in my position and was immediately asked what I wanted to do next. Not all places are that forward-thinking. I’ve had the benefit of receiving coaching and experience from a number of people within our sales and recruiting organizations, and that has helped me grow personally and professionally.

As a recruiter, I tried to provide that coaching and feedback mindset in every conversation I had with prospective Gartner team members. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the success of the students through our hiring process and in the role. It outweighs any paycheck, I can tell you that. After 20 months as a recruiter, I accepted a growth position as a Campus Recruiting Manager in Fort Myers this past July. I lead a team that is focused on driving talent across many different verticals of the organization. It’s a newly formed team with loads of potential, and I couldn’t be more excited for the challenge. Having the ability to coach on tested best practices and proven success strategies is something I’m truly passionate about, and now I get to do that every day!

JBEJOne message I share with my team is that it’s easy to do well when everything is going right, but the people who stand out are the people who can deal with the situations that aren’t perfect. If you can “be comfortable in the uncomfortable,” you will find yourself in a better position to overcome obstacles and to ultimately seek new challenges and find new ways to contribute. Being comfortable in the uncomfortable and seeking a challenge are why my wife, Emily, and our 1-year-old daughter, June, made the move from North Carolina to Florida.

I joke that I didn’t find Gartner, but that Gartner found me. I feel fortunate to come to work every day and be around people who want to move the needle and constantly improve. We celebrate our successes, but there is no complacency. Everyone knows we’re a part of a bigger mission and that we all have the ability develop ourselves as we push toward our goals. I absolutely love that part of coming to work every day. It’s been a great first two years, and I look forward to the next few!

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