Skills You Need To Work In IT At Gartner


vai_desai_picHi! My name is Vaishali Desai. I am an IT Project Manager within the Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) organization located in Dallas, TX. My journey with Gartner has only just begun as I have only been here 4 months. When I received a call from a Gartner recruiter, I instantly knew this company was different. From the initial call to the hiring and on-boarding process, everyone was so approachable and very welcoming. Below I have described the skills you need to work in IT at Gartner.

Skills you need to work in IT at Gartner:

Collaboration & Communication: Being able to collaborate and communicate is a critical aspect to project management within IT. There are multiple factors and changing requirements that require being a constant liaison between business units, service owners and engineers. It is important to understand and be able to communicate requirements, needs and strategic direction given by the leaders.

Open-Mindset: IT is an environment filled with leaders and teams within multiple departments that have different ideologies, strategies, and opinions on how and what type of solutions should be implemented in an organization. Having an open mindset as a project manager is important to constantly manage these different opinions and personalities in the workplace. We may not always agree on solutions or ideologies but being able to keep an open mind will allow you to manage and work with your team better in a positive manner.

Understanding & Patience: IT is a place where all the magic happens behind the scenes. Anyone who has worked in IT understands how much hard work and effort goes into providing capabilities and technology solutions to end users so they can do their jobs. IT continues to have a poor image inside organizations. No one thinks of IT until something breaks. End users are not concerned with or even aware of all the moving pieces that go into managing IT operations, data centers and IT services. For example, if a data center is closing or being migrated to a new location, the end user is not aware of the impact that would have on their email, phone or collaboration tool services. Keeping that in mind is very important working in IT — you must be patient and understanding and still provide the solution with a positive experience and quality service during those impactful changes.

Urgency and Ability to Change: A key for being successful in IT is to have urgency and the ability to change in a fast-paced environment. Every day is filled with challenges that have to be tackled, both ad hoc and with planning. You need the urgency to act to change and provide a solution and the ability to adapt to the constant changes in mindset, goals and initiatives in the organization.

I am very lucky to be working with a great Project Management Officer & I&O team. They are collaborative and always willing to help. As Gartner is scaling and growing, working here brings many opportunities for being challenged and allows you to work on multiple types of projects. Overall, the culture and people are the best assets of Gartner that make a difference and they’re why I work here.

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