Employee Update: How Is Victoria McCormick Doing?

Victoria McCormick, Manager, Event Attendance SpecialistIn 2017, we first introduced you to Victoria McCormick, then a Event Attendance Specialist (EAS) working in Sales. Now, just under two years into her career with Gartner, Victoria has been promoted to Manager of Event Attendance Specialists. Below, Victoria tells us more about her life, her love for Gartner and how she ended up in her current role. 

Hi, my name is Victoria McCormick. I actually grew up in Fort Myers, and have seen the growth of this city throughout the years, and of Gartner. I have lived in Gateway for more than 13 years now — in fact, I had no idea what Gartner was when we moved to Gateway, but always wondered why people were always out walking around the building!

Prior to this role, I worked for Hilton, where I was a sales and revenue manager for multiple properties in Florida. I decided that after I had my son, Maximus, I wanted more from my career, so it was time to look for other opportunities. Since Gartner was in my backyard (literally), and I heard nothing but amazing things about this company, I decided to apply. Emily Spicer, our EAS recruiter, reached out and, at the time, they were recruiting by sending potential event attendance specialists to Symposium. I started my career in EAS in 2017, and earned the Global NA New Hire Achievement Award that year!

During my time as an individual contributor, I wanted to create my brand and stand out as a leading salesperson in our business unit. This past January, I welcomed my daughter, Everly, into this world and after three months of maternity leave, attended Winners Circle in San Diego. Shortly after my return to work, I was promoted to Manager, EAS, and I now lead a team of seven highly competitive but collaborative event attendance specialists.

11345-2Along the way, I have had a few mentors. The one who stands out the most is Bridgette Trueblood, who was my manager while I was in the EAS role. Even today with my new role, she makes time for me when I need help, and we share ideas with one another. Bridgette really assisted me in my journey to leadership. Two other mentors I have are Joel Hirchak and Ross Parasiliti. Both are parents of two small children like myself, and have found a work-life balance, and often I seek their advice and guidance in my new role. Their continued coaching while providing the tools of success has been key.

Gartner truly has a special culture because of the people and the champion mindsets of our teams. As a Gartner employee, you do feel valued every day. However, one time that really stands out is Winners Circle last year in San Diego. You hear about how they roll out the red carpet, but nothing compares to actually experiencing it firsthand. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From the time you arrive, to the time you leave the destination, they have thought of it all. My husband attended with me, and he said many times what a great company I work for. What I thought went truly above and beyond is that the VPs who were there continued to thank our spouses/loved ones who attended with us every chance they could during the event, as they are also a crucial part of our success at this company.

When I say I love my job, I really do mean that! Gartner has really been a fantastic company to work for, and it all started in the beginning with the interview process — and it hasn’t really ended for me. Every day, I get to be around people who have a growth mindset, who are goal-oriented and always strive for more. Yet we share one another’s success. We celebrate goals and Winners Circle achievements along the way, yet we forge bonds and learn about each other’s families along this career journey.

As they say, it’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together!

If you are interested in joining Victoria’s team, search for an open opportunity here.

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