Gabrielle Dompierre Shares Her Gartner Rotational Program Story

PortraitAre you interested in joining Gartner’s Rotational Program? Meet Gabrielle Dompierre, Business Associate, located in our Fort Myers, FL office. She was part of the first class of Service Rotational Program graduates and she shares her experience and love for Gartner below.

I graduated from the University of Michigan, where I majored in both economics and organizational studies. Through my two majors in college, I was able to marry my analytical skills with my passion for learning about leadership. When looking for jobs during my final year of college, I knew that I was looking for that same combination and somewhere I could feel constantly challenged to develop myself. Gartner’s Service Rotational Program was a perfect fit! In my role, I get to do stimulating analysis that has a real business impact while also working with others to carry out change management programs.

At Gartner, we use data and facts to drive every decision we make, so it’s important that I always maintain my analytical viewpoint. However, in every problem that we solve, there’s more to the story than just numbers. My liberal arts background has helped me to approach my work from multiple angles and to think very holistically. My communication and project management skills that I developed in my project-based courses have also been key to being successful in my role.

I was a part of the first class of the Service Rotational Program, so one of the challenges I faced coming on is that there wasn’t anyone who had done my role before. Gartner has a “learning by doing” culture, so that’s exactly what I did to get up to speed. I was provided with a lot of feedback so that I was able to continuously improve my work. Although my first few months were challenging, I wouldn’t change it because the feedback I received on the program has helped me build it to what it is today.IMG_3774

I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by the most helpful, kind and collaborative individuals here at Gartner! I’ve received several handwritten cards from individuals and teams I’ve helped to support, and I hang them at my desk as a reminder of the impact I’ve made and the relationships I’ve built. I could write a novel about all of the things I appreciate about working at Gartner, but I’ll just share two instead. First, Gartner is a highly collaborative environment, and everyone around you is always willing to help. I’ve heard quite a few new associates ask in their first few days here, “Is everyone really this nice here?” The answer is yes, which makes for a great work environment! Secondly, I love how flat our organization is. Everyone’s ideas are equally valued, whether you’ve been here for 20 years or 2 months. Our flat structure also allows us to put ideas into action very quickly, meaning there’s never a dull moment.

My biggest piece of advice to anyone considering applying to Gartner is to connect with someone in your extended network who works here. Learning about Gartner on the internet is certainly necessary, but talking to a Gartner associate really brings to life the amazing culture we have and the types of people that we hire.

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