Amy O’Hagan Is Growing With Gartner

Amy O'Hagan_headshotIn 2010, Amy O’Hagan joined Gartner as a senior recruiter and made it her mission to master everything she does. Since then, Amy has held seven positions across HR and sales, seizing opportunities as they arise and constantly pushing herself beyond her comfort zone.

The key to Amy’s success is her focus on personal, professional and business growth. She worked her way up in Midsize Enterprise (MSE) recruiting with a laser focus on metrics and talent. “I was conducting up to seven or eight interviews a day,” she reflects. “We were relentless in our pursuit of meeting aggressive hiring targets without compromising on top-quality talent.” Between 2010 and 2014, she grew to recruiting manager and expanded the recruiting team to five and grew the MSE channel by 75%.

Don’t be afraid to try new things

In 2014, Amy moved from Fort Myers to Indianapolis and started working remotely. She describes this as a huge shift. To keep from feeling isolated, she met up with local sales people and other Gartner associates in the area. She also stayed in close contact with her team to ensure they remained her eyes and ears in the office.

In 2015, she was asked to pilot the new Lead Skilled Assessor program in MSE recruiting. “I was brought in because of my proven experience with the channel,” Amy says. “I had been partnering with the area managers, Group Vice Presidents and Regional Vice Presidents on ways to identify our top sales traits in candidates and become better interviewers for several years.” She then moved into HR recruiting following her MSE success.

A manager told Amy to master your role, then take on other responsibilities. Through this approach, she built a dual role for herself in HR recruiting— part strategy, part recruiting — and continuously built up her skills and leadership qualities to get to where she is today.

Most recently, she applied for an open sales position and made her biggest move yet, becoming an account executive for Americas Large Enterprise. While moving from HR to sales isn’t traditional, Amy says she knew it was her next step.

Though she says it’s one of the scariest things she’s ever done, Amy is excited and ready to try something new. “There’s a new challenge around every corner at Gartner if you look for it,” Amy says.

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Think outside the box

Amy has been trailblazing since day one. “I’ve done things at Gartner that haven’t been done before,” she explains. Her team worked with sales leadership to significantly change and streamline the entire process for MSE recruiting, laying the foundation for the explosive growth in the MSE channel over the past eight years.

“You can get anything you want at Gartner if you push hard enough,” she says. “There’s no box when it comes to your career. You can pave your own path.”

Use your network

Capitalize on your connections within the company. “If you’re trying to navigate outside your comfort zone, you need to know people outside your comfort zone,” Amy says. Sit with anyone you can learn from. Ask for help and advice. “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for a number of people who were invested in my success and helped keep me grounded and focused. I owe everything to my amazing leaders who not only supported me but challenged me to want more.”

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