Leah Atkinson Shares Why She Joined Gartner Sales In Dallas, TX


LA2Are you interested in joining Gartner’s sales team? Meet Leah Atkinson, Account Executive, Midsized Enterprises, in our Dallas, TX office. Below she describes why she joined Gartner and what she likes about the sales team.

Prior to joining Gartner, I earned a degree in Marketing and Management from the University of South Carolina. I relocated to Dallas for my first job with a technology company, and became familiar with the Gartner name in my role there. In that position, I started realizing my love for developing relationships and problem solving, which sparked my interest in giving sales a shot.

When Gartner reached out to me, I was already impressed by its name and reputation, but after networking with a few current associates who told me about the Gartner culture, I was instantly sold on taking a position here. The culture they described has shown to be true through my first seven months as an Account Executive in the Midsize Financial Services vertical and is one of the reasons I love working at Gartner. I also love working at Gartner and my job because of all of the different personalities I get to collaborate with every day — all the way from my CIO clients to my amazing team. I never end up doing the same thing or having the same conversation.team photo 2

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since hitting the sales floor in the beginning of 2018 is to trust myself. At Gartner, we aren’t selling some product we don’t believe in. The value we provide by partnering with our clients actually helps them in their roles and initiatives. When you look at what we do from a more personal perspective, like helping a client get that CIO title they’ve been yearning for, it’s a truly meaningful job. Over the past few months my confidence has grown and I am getting better at supporting clients, as well as supporting my team any way I can. To watch them excel is incredible.

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