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Employee Update: Bridgette Trueblood Shares More

October 13, 2018

20170503_141458In 2017, we first introduced you to Bridgette Trueblood, Manager, Event Attendance Specialist (EAS), in our Fort Myers office. A graduate of Hodges University, Bridgette first began her career with Gartner over 8 years ago. Below Bridgette lets us in on how her career is going and gives us more insight about her life at Gartner. 

When I first started at Gartner I was hired in a contract position doing data entry under Judy Robertson for the EAS team. While I was in that position I learned everything I could about the department and the role. After about a year and a half of learning and listening to calls; I interviewed for a sales role and was offered the position. I was so excited to be working in a full time position for Gartner and under Judy. I had already learned so much and was excited about the possibility to continue to grow personally and professionally. During the 5 years that I was an individual contributor I wanted to make a name for myself and to be able to mentor others and help them become successful. In 2013 I achieved my first Winners Circle and was able to take my mom to Sydney, Australia. After the experience I had at this opportunity, I knew I didn’t want to ever miss it. After that trip to Sydney, I was able to hit Winners Circle another 2 times as an EAS, and I decided that I wanted to be a leader in this department.

20180522_122919In January of 2017, I was promoted to Manager, EAS. I have had a few people who have helped me get to this point, but the one that stands out the most is my Group Vice President (GVP), Judy Robertson. I have worked for Judy since I started at Gartner in July 2010, as she is the one that hired me for the contract position. Through the 8 years of working for her and with her, she has helped me grow professionally and personally. She wasn’t and isn’t afraid to have the upfront conversations with me of not only what I’m doing well but what I need to work on to advance my career. Without her guidance and taking me under her wing; I’m not sure that I would be where I am today.

When I think about why I like working at Gartner, the two main things that come to mind are the opportunities that Gartner has afforded me and the team dynamic. When I first started at Gartner I didn’t have a college degree and was still living with my mom. Being around the folks in the Events department and seeing how successful they were pushed me to go back to school and get my bachelor’s degree. Since starting at Gartner I have been able to start a 401(k) to help with my retirement and I even purchased my first home! Having the unlimited commission really pushes me to be successful and make as much money as I can. When it comes to the team dynamic I look at the EAS department in Fort Myers as another family. I’m excited when I come into work after the weekend to hear how everyone’s weekend was. I look forward to seeing family pictures and to celebrate weddings; proposals and birth announcements. No matter how tough things get, I know I can rely on not only my team but the entire EAS department to keep me focused and ready to tackle the next obstacle. After 8 years with Events, I still love the department that I work in and the people that I work with!

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