Sunny Hemrajani Is Growing With Gartner


56465Are you considering a career in sales with Gartner? Learn about how our associates have grown and developed professionally. Sunny Hemrajani, a Sales Manager in the Philippines region working in Gartner’s Singapore office, shares how Gartner has helped him grow as a sales professional. As Asia’s first Winners Circle qualifier and Eagle recipient, Sunny’s milestone achievements have fast-tracked his overall career success. Below he shares his story about life at Gartner.

Gartner has invested in me in many ways. It all started on Day 1. I was assigned a mentor, and she assisted me in developing a plan to ensure that the goals I set out were achievable. Then I attended training at Sales Academy with peers from different offices overseas. Finally, the territory I have been assigned to has challenged me, and through overcoming those challenges, I have been able to see what I’m truly capable of and continually grow.

In my time with Gartner Southeast Asia, I have learned more than I could ever ask for. During my three years, I have progressed from Account Executive to Sales Manager and have been fortunate to work with several partners, managers, senior leaders and associates — all with varied knowledge, skills and experiences. I have also had the opportunity to gain experience in different industries, including financial services, retail, manufacturing, utilities and telecommunications.

To me, the greatest benefit of working for Gartner is also my favorite part: a culture that encourages development and pushing ourselves to the limit and beyond it. It is a culture that truly develops my personal and professional self. It acts as a great launch pad for growth. My favorite part about working with Gartner Singapore is definitely the team and people I get to interact with. In my opinion, this stems from the culture created by top management — a culture of inclusivity and development, and the learning experience. I am always being pushed out of my comfort zone to learn and grow.

During my time at Gartner, I have been continuously inspired by my colleagues and members of the leadership team around me. I strive to be my best to benefit the company as a whole. Gartner culture promotes the importance of teamwork, a spirit of getting the job done and always doing right by our clients. The people here strive to deliver beyond the best for our clients, while ensuring great communication and collaboration with our colleagues (across borders if necessary) and being open to learning new things. This results in the best possible outcome for all parties involved. What has inspired me the most throughout my career at Gartner, is that we care.

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